Novarad Launches New COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence Software, Available for Free Download Worldwide

Medical technology company joins the fight against the coronavirus making fast, accurate diagnosis tool available at no cost

Scan this code to see a real case in action. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Scan this code to see a real case in action. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SALT LAKE CITY--()--Novarad, a leader in transformative imaging technologies, is launching its new COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant worldwide to make fast, accurate diagnosis of COVID-19 possible – free of charge.

In partnership with Intel Corp., and leveraging Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Novarad is offering free use of a diagnostic system that combines DICOM routing, encryption, an AI processing engine, and secure reporting for the detection of COVID-19 from CT scans. This unique algorithm can produce diagnostic results in seconds, rather than days, enabling clinicians to rapidly isolate and treat patients who are likely suffering from COVID. The report also provides invaluable information on the extent of lung involvement.

Up to 40% of patients with COVID-19 will be missed by a nasal swab or PCR test. When COVID is present in a patient with pulmonary symptoms, Novarad’s algorithm has a <1% false negative detection rate. Waiting days for test results, and not feeling confident in the accuracy of those results, can leave patients feeling especially vulnerable. Moreover, with a high number of false-negative tests, communities are susceptible to continued spread of this deadly disease.

Although Computed Topography (CT) scans are one of the most accurate tools for detecting COVID-19, they require a radiologist to examine hundreds of images looking for signs of COVID. Not all facilities have access to that expertise in a timely fashion.

“AI gives us the ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly. Leveraging tens of thousands of images from our training data set, you can get a quick COVID-19 diagnosis with a high degree of accuracy,” said Dr. Wendell Gibby, a practicing neurointerventional radiologist and CEO of Novarad. “Patients with COVID-19 can be identified faster and treated more appropriately, increasing the probability of recovery and significantly impacting our ability to minimize the spread within communities.”

By utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, Novarad is able to provide a powerful resource to physicians around the world to triage, prioritize and isolate sick patients quickly and accurately.

The software system is quick, easy to install, and highly secure. This product is an end-to-end process that can be broken down into four simple steps:

  1. The hospital downloads the Novarad COVID AI edge client software to a hospital computer or virtual machine. The COVID AI edge client automatically deploys and connects to Azure. It will print out connectivity instructions for sending images from a CT scanner or PACS system.
  2. The CT studies are anonymized and securely routed to the AI engine on Azure to be analyzed.*
  3. A secure 3000-bit encrypted optical access code is sent to the associated printer on site. A report containing the probability of COVID-19 is then created.
  4. The printed code can then be scanned and viewed from a mobile device or PC, then printed or downloaded as a .pdf.

The COVID AI client is built upon the Novarad CryptoChart solution that can also aid in the fight against COVID-19. Using highly secure optical codes, CryptoChart makes it possible to share images, reports and medical records as easily as sending a text message or email. It also eliminates the need to burn CDs or print paper records.

To learn more about the Diagnostic Assistant and download the free software, please visit To learn more about CryptoChart, visit

*No patient data is stored in the cloud and Novarad's COVID AI client uses HTTPS for secure transfer over the internet.

About Novarad

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Kristi Alvarado

Release Summary

Novarad, a leader in transformative imaging technologies, is launching its new COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant worldwide.


Kristi Alvarado