World’s Leading Home Improvement Retailer Battling COVID-19 Impact with Reality Interactive

AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub by Reality Interactive. (Photo: Business Wire)

MIDDLETOWN, Conn.--()--Reality Interactive, a leading retail technology design firm and digital agency in Middletown, Connecticut, announced the launch of its AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub. The leading home improvement retailer in the world has already deployed 6,000 units, showing that the AXSIS™ device is exactly what employers are looking for to get the job done when it comes to keeping people safe in 2020 and beyond.

While Connecticut has recently entered into Phase III of its COVID-19 re-entry plan, both the state and the country are still acutely aware that the pandemic is still impacting business and health. With winter months on the horizon, companies are searching for ways to ensure they can safely keep their business thriving.

The AXSIS™ device is a proprietary thermo-scanner and data hub that provides a 100% contactless body temperature check in just seconds. This level of real-time, accurate data capture not only helps keep the workforce and customers safe, but also gives management a comprehensive view of the day-to-day health status of their employee population.

The AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub can be used as a standalone device, but Reality Interactive sees a bigger, more holistic picture. “These are very uncertain times, and so it’s been invaluable to be able to use technology like this to provide some peace of mind,” said Mitch DeBonville, Director of Sales at Reality Interactive. “It’s part of our efforts to help our clients keep people safe and healthy.”

Reality Interactive continues to work on additional features that will elevate this already industry-leading technology. For example, a fully customizable option that allows the customer to control an existing door lock system in real-time, and access a back-end portal with usage data and analytics. The AXSIS™ device also syncs with the agency’s bitSHUTTLE® content management platform, allowing real-time updates to be triggered in a rapidly changing environment, including a post COVID-19 world. “The AXSIS™ device will retain its relevancy because it goes well beyond just thermal scanning, helping employers better manage their ongoing staffing and productivity needs, safely,” said Mitch DeBonville.

Reality Interactive initially developed the product within its own headquarters as an initiative to help keep employees safe beyond social distancing measures. Upon seeing the reassurance this provided both employees and customers, the company was selected to work with this industry giant’s stores nationwide, helping thousands of employees safely get back to work.

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World’s Leading Home Improvement Retailer Battling COVID-19 Impact with AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub by Reality Interactive.


Sonal Patel, 917-858-0390