Former Uber CTO Thuan Pham Joins Coupang

Thuan Phan, Coupang's New CTO (Photo: Business Wire)

SEOUL, Korea--()--Coupang, Korea’s largest eCommerce company, announced today that it has hired former Uber Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Thuan Pham as the company’s new CTO.

Pham has built a reputation for growing and scaling some of the world’s most transformative companies. During his seven-year tenure as Uber’s CTO, Pham was at the helm of the ride-sharing giant’s efforts to develop the revolutionary technology behind its massive transportation network. His leadership and vision were instrumental in building the technology infrastructure to enable Uber’s expansion from just over 10 million rides annually to nearly 7 billion rides a year in over 800 cities globally.

Pham joins Coupang as it continues its explosive growth. Customers receive hundreds of millions of orders per year through Coupang’s free Rocket Delivery service, which guarantees delivery within 24 hours. Customers seeking even faster shipment can use Dawn Delivery to receive their products overnight or on the same day. This service, available nationwide, allows customers to place orders as late as midnight and receive their products on their doorsteps before 7 a.m. the next day. Coupang is also quickly expanding to offer customers new services such as Rocket Fresh, which is Korea’s largest nationwide online grocer, and Coupang Eats, the company’s foray into food delivery.

“Coupang is reshaping customers’ expectations every day,” said Pham. “I haven’t seen services like Rocket and Dawn Delivery anywhere else on the planet, but Coupang’s customers can take them for granted. We’ve seen companies use technology to transform how people move, shop, or consume entertainment, but Coupang is transforming the way people live. This is one of those generational opportunities to create a new paradigm for what customers around the world can expect out of the companies that serve them, and I am truly excited to be able to contribute to this extraordinary vision.”

Before serving as CTO of Uber, Pham was the Vice President of R&D at VMware, as well as the Vice President of Engineering at DoubleClick. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About Coupang, LLC

Coupang’s mission is to revolutionize the everyday lives of its customers and create a world where people wonder, “How did we ever live without Coupang?” The company’s vision is powered by innovations such as Dawn Delivery, which guarantees that customers receive their orders at their doorsteps in a matter of hours instead of days. Coupang also offers its free Rocket Delivery service, which delivers hundreds of millions of orders per year within 24 hours. In addition to its eCommerce services, Coupang recently introduced Rocket Fresh, the largest nationwide online grocery service, and Coupang Eats, the company’s foray into food delivery.

Coupang provides these products and services through an end-to-end fulfillment and logistics network, which employs the market’s largest number of delivery drivers, and has placed logistics centers within 10 minutes of over 70 percent of the nation’s population. Coupang’s innovations in industries such as eCommerce, food delivery, and cold chain logistics have led to CNBC ranking Coupang as No. 2 in its list of Disruptor 50 companies of 2020 and Fast Company recognizing Coupang as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

Founded in 2010, Coupang is a global company with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley.


Marisa Lam


Marisa Lam