Wunder Mobility Offers Carshare Customers Access to Groundbreaking Digital Key Solution from Geotab

Integration of Geotab Keyless platform results from a new partnership between fast-growing Wunder Mobility and connected transportation leader Geotab

LOS ANGELES--()--Wunder Mobility, one of the world’s fastest-growing mobility technology companies, announced today that its carshare customers are now able to access the groundbreaking new Geotab Keyless digital key solution unveiled earlier today by connected transportation leader Geotab.

By being among the first to integrate with the Keyless platform, Wunder Mobility customers can swiftly benefit from the unprecedented convenience and efficiency of a digital key function that also integrates Geotab’s industry-leading fleet management product. This combined solution allows carshare users to access vehicles even when outside of wi-fi or cellular coverage areas, while also enabling fleet managers to optimize fleet performance by connecting them to the most extensive telematics data available on the market.

With global headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and North American headquarters in Los Angeles, Wunder Mobility is a leader in the global transition to sustainable mobility. The company provides technology and operational support to leading mobility firms, serving customers in 90+ cities on six continents. More than 50,000 vehicles currently use Wunder Mobility technology and 1 million devices are connected to the Wunder Mobility platform.

Today’s announcement marks the beginning of a new partnership between Wunder Mobility and Geotab, the world’s top-ranked provider of commercial telematics. Processing over 40 billion data points each day, Geotab equips more than 2.1 million vehicles with its fleet management solution, enabling businesses to better utilize actionable data insights to help improve fleet productivity, safety, efficiency and more.

“We are excited to embark on this new partnership with Geotab by providing Wunder Mobility carshare customers with access to this revolutionary new digital key product,” said Melika Jahangiri, Wunder Mobility’s Vice President of Global Key Accounts and Head of Americas. “Our customers know we are committed to providing them with the best hardware on the market, which this partnership with Geotab demonstrates. Supporting best-in-class hardware with Wunder Mobility’s unrivaled software and technology delivers a powerful advantage to our customers in today’s competitive mobility marketplace.”

Unveiled today at Geotab’s Mobility Connect conference, Geotab Keyless seeks to pave the way for a new era of carsharing. The easy-to-use, scalable product enables secured keyless access to vehicles without a physical key while also providing fleet managers with access to rich telematics data, including critical charging status information about electric vehicle fleets.

“We are proud to be the first fully-featured telematics provider bringing a unique data-driven, keyless solution to the burgeoning carsharing market,” said Christopher Mendes, Geotab’s Vice President of Electric Vehicles. “We are excited to work with partners like Wunder Mobility to deliver complementary expertise to consumers around the world who are embracing the convenient, economical carsharing model.”

Wunder Mobility was one of the first carsharing vendors to integrate with the new Geotab offering and has customers who are piloting the solution today.

Edson Cortes, co-founder of carsharing firm CarsNow and a Wunder Mobility customer, said Geotab Keyless is the right choice for his company’s fleet. “Geotab Keyless creates a seamless experience for our customers and gives them the functionality they need, which helps separate us from the competition,” Cortes said. “From the fleet management side, we receive a stream of vital data that helps us make sure every vehicle is accessible and ready for rental at any moment. Geotab Keyless, along with our partnership with Wunder Mobility, is a future-proof investment for our company.”

About Wunder Mobility

Wunder Mobility is a fast-growing mobility tech company based in Germany with North American headquarters in Los Angeles. Backed by investors from Europe and the U.S., Wunder Mobility provides turn-key solutions that enable companies and cities worldwide to provide clean, convenient, and accessible mobility. Cities and companies in 90+ cities on six continents use the Wunder platform to launch and scale new mobility services, manage and finance fleets of shared vehicles, optimize daily operations, and improve urban planning and traffic management.

Wunder technology is used by 75+ clients around the world, including OEMs, VC-backed start-ups and progressive cities. The global Wunder team of 40 nationalities includes veterans from the tech and travel industries, with half the team in Product & Engineering.

Wunder Mobility was founded by Gunnar Froh and Samuel Baker in 2014. For more information, visit www.wundermobility.com.

About Geotab

Geotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace, offering hundreds of third-party solution options, allows both small and large businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data assets. As an IoT hub, the in-vehicle device provides additional functionality through IOX Add-Ons. Processing billions of data points a day, Geotab leverages data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve strong compliance to regulatory changes. Geotab’s products are represented and sold worldwide through Authorized Geotab Resellers. To learn more, please visit www.geotab.com and follow us @GEOTAB and on LinkedIn.


Randy James
(310) 974-6684 | randy@sugermangroup.com


Randy James
(310) 974-6684 | randy@sugermangroup.com