PartsSource® Launches Novel Digital Channel Analytics Platform for Medical Device Makers and Service Providers to Increase Quality, Reliability and Equipment Uptime

Participating marketplace partners gain access to benchmarks, quality, and operational performance analytics

CLEVELAND--()--PartsSource, the world’s largest, evidence-based marketplace for medical equipment products and services, today launched its latest clinical resource management platform aimed at helping medical equipment suppliers leverage the sheer scale of the marketplace to improve quality, deliverability, and performance across 3,500 hospitals and health systems.

We’ve undertaken a comprehensive redesign of our platform to give our supplier partners the real-time, 360-degree feedback they need to improve the reliability, availability, and quality of their products and service to our mutual healthcare provider customers,” said Philip Settimi, MSE, MD, President and CEO of PartsSource. “For the first time anywhere, suppliers and providers are now on the same side of the table, each with access to the information they need to support a resilient healthcare supply chain.”

PartsSource delivers for OEMs and suppliers

As the largest digital channel serving healthcare customers’ equipment, parts, accessories, service and training needs, PartsSource has unparalleled data on millions of transactions from over 3,500 hospitals. Now for the first time, medical device makers and service providers can access PartsSource data to gain real-time insights based on their customers’ direct experience. This visibility into their performance and reputation among their customers enables a powerful continuous improvement strategy across quality, operations and fulfillment.

By partnering with PartsSource, OEMs, suppliers and service providers gain unprecedented new capabilities including:

  • Quality Reporting: Real-time analytics across a dozen quality metrics, including availability, reliability and other quantitative factors, powered by PartsSource’s PRECISION procurement®, which leverages insights across 15 years and 3 billion longitudinal data elements.
  • Supply Visibility: View high-demand products to support inventory forecasting, with industry benchmarks, and insights to optimize the ordering experience for customers.
  • Operational Insights: Gain visibility into operational delivery including average time to ship and real time backorder analysis with order-aging metrics.
  • Automation Analytics: Automate purchasing for hospitals, boosting quality and service, through better content and EDI connectivity.
  • Real-Time Performance: Instant access to over 90,000 buyers seeking a streamlined, single source for purchasing medical equipment parts and service to increase uptime.

Real results for healthcare

The launch of PartsSource’s new evidence-based clinical resource management platform comes at a pivotal time in a healthcare industry that increasingly expects a resilient supply chain. Until now, the medical device supply chain has lacked visibility, transparency, and quality feedback to manufacturers and suppliers, resulting in friction that increases equipment downtime and limits the availability of critical medical devices for patient care.

Now with PartsSource, suppliers have free access to performance and operational analytics that reveal how well they are performing in delivering orders to hospitals, as well as the quality of the products they deliver, and insights into their own operations.

We use the PartsSource insights to streamline operations and achieve the highest level of quality for our customers. It’s proven to be highly effective,” said George Kalina, Service Sales Manager for Carestream Health. “With PartsSource, we get more value with better data, as well as a partner with flexibility and a willingness to try new things.”

PartsSource provides Midmark Corp. with a reliable platform and the intelligence to continuously improve performance,” said Kevin Stringer, Senior Post Support Service Manager for Midmark, the only clinical environmental design company that enables a better care experience for the medical, dental and animal health markets. “We’ve been able to add services and have ideas for continuing to expand our partnership with PartsSource, so we think of it as the platform to do more.”

No one reaches the healthcare provider customer base to the extent that PartsSource does, which is important for us since our products aren’t sourced to healthcare facilities through large buying groups,” added James Folk, Director of Health Care Solutions for Tripp Lite. “PartsSource has been an incredible partner for our brand.”

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Panelists include Jason Raak, Senior Director of Channel Management at Siemens; Kevin Stringer, Senior Post Support Service Manager at Midmark and Jim Folk, Director of Healthcare Solutions at Tripp Lite.

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Nicole Koharik
Director, Corporate Communications
PartsSource, Inc.

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PartsSource® Launches Novel Digital Channel Analytics Platform for Medical Device Makers and Service Providers to Increase Quality and Performance


Nicole Koharik
Director, Corporate Communications
PartsSource, Inc.