Notarize Partners with Adobe to Deliver a Seamless Experience for the "Last Mile" of Digitally Signing and Notarizing Documents

Notarize enables industries to digitize their most critical transactions wherever eNotary services are legal with Adobe Sign

Adobe and Notarize partner to securely and digitally notarize documents 24/7 with Adobe Sign (Graphic: Business Wire)

BOSTON--()--Notarize, the pioneer and market leader in Remote Online Notarization (RON), today announced a partnership with Adobe to integrate the ability to securely and digitally notarize documents 24/7 with Adobe Sign, the market-leading e-signature solution in Adobe Document Cloud.

Together, the integration of Notarize with Adobe Sign streamlines and speeds up signing and notarizations, allowing customers to do business how, when, and where they want. There is no need to exit or interrupt workflows to add e-signature and notarization capabilities to contract processes. Adobe Sign customers will have instant access to a best-in-class, fully compliant, industry-leading remote online notarization experience with first and third-party notaries who can notarize documents for acceptance in all 50 states.

Notarizations Have Traditionally Forced Digital Processes Offline - Until Now

As the world moves to adapt to rapid changes, Notarize brings a 100% digital end-to-end solution, replacing manual outdated processes in an accelerating digital-first world that’s not just ‘a new normal,’ but forever different. Notarize has allowed industries to safely and securely transact and keep business moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with 600% growth in 2020, Notarize has become an essential service that will retain that designation beyond the pandemic.

Five years after pioneering the Remote Online Notarization category, we’re at the magical moment where the market, the Notarize platform, the regulatory environment, and consumer demand have all converged to a place where industries and enterprises are clamoring for RON,” said Pat Kinsel, Notarize founder and CEO. “Together with Adobe, we’re meeting millions of enterprises at this moment with an integrated platform that couples ease-of-use with security, all in one place. Once customers try it, they’ll never go back.”

“Notarize shares our vision to replace paper-based and manual processes with simple, easy-to-implement experiences, such as the ‘last mile’ of digitally signing documents,” said Ashley Still, SVP/GM of Digital Media, Adobe. “By bringing the power of Adobe Sign together with the Notarize platform, our joint customers will be able to meet a critical imperative of remote work: getting documents e-signed and notarized quickly, easily, and securely.”

Businesses of All Sizes Benefit From the Notarize and Adobe Partnership

Today, Notarize's pioneering and market-leading Remote Online Notarization technology helps Adobe Sign customers that need RON to keep business moving forward. By the first half of 2021, the first-of-its-kind, end-to-end integration between RON and e-signatures will be offered to all Adobe Sign customers, including the majority of Fortune 100 companies who rely on Adobe Sign for fast, secure, and streamlined signature processes.

Specific benefits include:

  • Will Reduce Timelines and Increase Satisfaction - Notarizations done offline can cost both valuable time and money, keeping the notarizations online in Adobe Sign reduces transaction times from days to mere minutes and can reduce spend, eliminate errors, introduce process tracking, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Digitizing the Process Enhances Accuracy - Manual processes and tasks that were previously performed offline and usually caused delays can now be digitized and tracked to keep business moving forward in a compliant and accurate manner.
  • Reduce Security and Fraud Risk - The Remote Online Notarization technology that Notarize pioneered is the safest and most secure method to notarize a document, invoking enterprise-grade security, credential analysis, and a full audit trail, which prevents fraud.
  • Available Quickly and Easily to Existing and Future Customers - Businesses already using Adobe Sign will be able to leverage Notarize and a 100% automated solution with little-to-no development work required.

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Notarize today announced a partnership with Adobe to integrate the ability to securely and digitally notarize documents 24/7 with Adobe Sign



Cristin Culver