Astadia and LzLabs Partner to Rehost Mainframe Systems to the Cloud

Move IBM Z Mainframe Applications and Databases

Astadia offers all options for clients moving mainframe systems to the Cloud

BOSTON--()--Astadia and LzLabs announce a partnership to assist clients currently operating large Enterprise Applications and Databases on IBM Z Mainframe computers, to migrate to any popular Cloud Platform. In today’s environment, many organizations have a “Cloud First” strategy for deploying business applications. Since most of the important business applications reside on mainframes, moving these applications and databases to the Cloud requires expert skills and technology. The combination of Astadia and LzLabs offers mainframe clients Rehosting, in addition to Astadia’s Replatforming and Refactoring solutions. Astadia now offers all solution sets required to migrate from an IBM Z platform to the Cloud.

This is an exciting time to be in the Mainframe Migration business. The rapidly shrinking pool of people with mainframe software and hardware skills has given a new sense of urgency to IT buyers. This shortage adds to the ever-increasing cost of mainframe platforms,” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO of Astadia. “With the wave of Cloud computing, organizations are rapidly moving their applications and databases. The Cloud enables incredible software innovation and developer productivity, while only charging the client for the resources they consume.”

LzLabs brings their Software Defined Mainframe (SDM) platform to the partnership. This platform offers clients the opportunity to move IBM Z mainframe applications to any popular Cloud. By using SDM as the platform, clients can Rehost IBM Z application systems and databases without the need to recompile the programs or reformat any data. They are able to do so even without access to the original application source code,” said Mr.Silk.

As more organizations across a variety of sectors are embracing the benefits of the Cloud, our partnerships with leading systems integrators such as Astadia will be instrumental in bringing agility and flexibility to organizations reliant on legacy mainframe systems” said Mark Cresswell, CEO of LzLabs. “Astadia’s strong technical vision and leadership, and long history of successfully delivering workload rehosting outcomes, will ensure our joint customers can undertake these important projects with confidence,” said Mr. Cresswell.

We turned to LzLabs for two reasons – reducing the high cost of our legacy mainframe, but also a need for greater flexibility in our IT infrastructure that we could not achieve on the mainframe,” said Markus Tschumper, Head of General IT Services at Swisscom. “With applications and data migrated unchanged, SDM represented a lower risk path for us to reach this goal.”

For more details, take advantage of Astadia’s FREE Mainframe-to-Cloud Modernization Guide series, where we assist our clients as they plan and move into a safe and secure, high performance, cloud environment. This series covers IBM (NYSE:IBM) and UNISYS (NYSE:UIS) mainframes, and all popular target Cloud Platforms.

In these Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration Guides, readers will explore 20 pages of:

  • Why migrate mainframe applications & databases to the Cloud?
  • The challenges associated with mainframe modernization
  • Detailed diagrams of mainframe software mappings to the popular Cloud Platforms
  • Programming languages & database translation tables

The Mainframe-to-Cloud Guide series is FREE, and may be downloaded.

Click on this link to view the Astadia Mainframe-to-Cloud Modernization Guide Series.

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About LzLabs

LzLabs is a software company that develops innovative solutions for enterprise computing customers, including the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® enables customers to run mainframe workloads on x86 or the cloud without recompilation or data reformatting. This approach significantly reduces the risks associated with mainframe migration, enables incremental modernization and integrates applications with DevOps, open-source and the cloud.

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About Astadia

Astadia is the market leading mainframe modernization consulting and systems integration boutique. A worldwide IT consulting firm, we specialize in moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud platforms. In fact, we were recently named Microsoft’s Mainframe-to-Azure partner of the year. Clients select Astadia for the following reasons: mainframe to cloud market focus, 28 years of mainframe experience, and hybrid READI methodology. Upon project completion, customers often select Astadia to manage their cloud environment as well. We have successfully completed over 200 mainframe modernization projects and are recognized industrywide as the mainframe to cloud experts.


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