100+ Mayors, Local Leaders Join Gov. Newsom in Opposing Proposition 21, the "Housing Freeze"

SACRAMENTO--()--More than 100 elected officials from throughout California today announced their opposition to Proposition 21, the November measure that opponents say will reduce affordable housing in the state and require cuts in community services.

The comprehensive list of officials includes County Supervisors, Mayors, City Council Members, city clerks and board members. They note that the independent Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) notes that Prop 21 could result in a decline in property values which in turn will result in the potential loss of tax revenue. Prop 21 also could result in “tens of millions of dollars per year” in increased costs to local government.

“Proposition 21 will make California’s housing crisis even worse,” notes Tom Bannon, Chief Executive Officer of the California Apartment Association and Californians for Responsible Housing, the campaign opposing the ballot measure. “No one knows that more than our local leaders who know it will lead to cuts and services and millions of new costs at a time when our communities can least afford it.”

Local officials opposed to Prop 21 include:

Supervisor Brett Frazier, County of Madera
Board Chair Candace Anderson, County of Contra Costa
Supervisor Chuck Winn, County of San Joaquin
Supervisor Curt Hagman, County of San Bernardino
Supervisor David Canepa, County of San Mateo
Supervisor David Rogers, County of Madera
Supervisor Don Wagner, County of Orange
Supervisor Ernest "Buddy" Mendes, County of Fresno
Supervisor Jim DeMartini, County of Stanislaus
Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, County of Riverside
Board Chair Kristin Olsen, County of Stanislaus
Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, County of Orange
Supervisor Miguel Villapudua, County of San Joaquin
Supervisor Nathan Magsig, County of Fresno
Supervisor Richard Valle, County of Kings
Supervisor Steve Brandau, County of Fresno
Supervisor Terry Withrow, County of Stanislaus
Supervisor Tom Patti, County of San Joaquin

Mayor Adrian Fine, City of Palo Alto
Mayor Art Bennett, City of Chino Hills
Mayor Bill Zimmerman, City of Menifee
Mayor Bob Magee, City of Lake Elsinore
Mayor Christine Shea, City of Irvine
Mayor Dustin Nigg, City of Wildomar
Mayor Emily Beach, City of Burlingame
Mayor Gene Wunderlich, City of Murrieta
Mayor Glenn Miller, City of Indio
Mayor Harry Sidhu, City of Anaheim
Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald, City of Fullerton
Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City of San Diego
Mayor Kuldip Thusu, City of Dinuba
Mayor Larry McCallon, City of Highland
Mayor Laurie Davies, City of Laguna Niguel
Mayor Lee Brand, City of Fresno
Mayor Linda Evans, City of La Quinta
Mayor Mark Murphy, City of Orange
Mayor Richard Bailey, City of Coronado
Mayor Robert Pacheco, City of Walnut
Mayor Sharon Springer, City of Burbank
Mayor Tom Butt, City of Richmond
Mayor Victor Lopez, City of Orange Grove
Mayor Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, City of Moreno Valley

Vice Mayor Brian Johsz, City of Chino Hills
Vice Mayor Charles Stone, City of Belmont
Vice Mayor Francisco Ramirez, City of Hanford
Mayor Pro-Tem Linda Krupa, City of Hemet

Councilmember Alan Wapner, City of Ontario
Councilmember Anthony Phan, City of Milpitas
Councilmember Ara Najarian, City of Glendale
Councilmember Armando Longeria, City of Dinuba
Councilmember Art Brieno, City of Hanford
Councilmember Barbara Delgleize, City of Huntington Beach
Councilmember Bill Jahn, City of Big Bear Lake
Councilmember Bill Ruh, City of Montclair
Councilmember Bill Velto, City of Upland
Councilmember Carla J. Thornton, City of Moreno Valley
Councilmember Catherine Carlton, City of Menlo Park
Councilmember Chris Ward, City of San Diego
Councilmember Clint Lorimore, City of Eastvale
Councilmember Dan Parra, City of Fowler
Councilmember Debra Jones, City of Victorville
Councilmember Dereck Timm, City of Scotts Valley
Councilmember Dion Bracco, City of Gilroy
Councilmember Emilio "Joey" Morales, City of Dinuba
Councilmember Emily Gabel-Luddy, City of Burbank
Councilmember Espi Sandoval, City of Kerman
Councilmember Freddy Valdez, City of Firebaugh
Councilmember Garry Bredefeld, City of Fresno
Councilmember Gabe Quinto, City of El Cerrito
Councilmember Greg Tanaka, City of Palo Alto
Councilmember Gustav Larsson, City of Sunnyvale
Councilmember Jeremy Smith, City of Canyon Lake
Councilmember Jim Avalos, City of Selma
Councilmember Jim Reed, City of Scotts Valley
Councilmember John Lee, City of Los Angeles
Councilmember John Sawyer, City of Santa Rosa
Councilmember John Trujillo, City of Selma
Councilmember Johnny Khamis, City of San Jose
Councilmember Karlee Meyer, City of Hemet
Councilmember Kelly Seyarto, City of Murrieta
Councilmember Larry Carr, City of Morgan Hill
Councilmember Larry Smith, City of Calimesa
Councilmember Martin Devine, City of Hanford
Councilmember Mason Fong, City of Sunnyvale
Councilmember Michael Posey, City of Huntington Beach
Councilmember Mike O'Neill, City of Pacifica
Councilmember Paul Canepa, City of Stockton
Councilmember Paul Resnikoff, City of Campbell
Councilmember Paula Devine, City of Glendale
Councilmember Peter Rogers, City of Chino Hills
Councilmember Ray Buenaventura, City of Daly City
Councilmember Renee Golder, City of Santa Cruz
Councilmember Rich Waterman, City of Campbell
Councilmember Robert Torres, City of Pomona
Councilmember Steve Sanchez, City of La Quinta
Councilmember Tim Goodrich, City of Torrance
Councilmember Tim Shaw, City of La Habra
Councilmember Trevor O'Neil, City of Anaheim
Councilmember Victoria Baca, City of Moreno Valley
Councilmember Victoria Muela Martinez, City of El Monte
Councilmember Wayne Lee, City of Millbrae
Councilmember Whitney Benzian, City of Coronado

In addition to these local officials, Proposition 21 is opposed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Major senior, veterans, affordable housing, and labor groups also have announced their opposition, along with nearly all of the state’s newspaper editorial boards.

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Release Summary

More than 100 elected officials from throughout California today announced their opposition to Prop 21, the "housing freeze" ballot measure


Steven Maviglio, 916-607-8340