121 More Cities & Towns Just Got T-Mobile’s Supercharged 5G and Blazing Fast Speeds

What’s the news: T-Mobile lit up a supercharged 5G experience in another 121 cities and towns with mid-band 5G, delivering up to gigabit-per-second peak speeds and average download speeds around 300 megabits-per-second for capable 5G devices. And, this faster 5G experience will be in thousands of cities and towns by end of year. To celebrate, T-Mobile is giving away $100,000 on Twitter over the next several months, with #5Gsfor5G.

Why it matters: Mid-band spectrum provides the ideal balance of coverage and speed, and the Un-carrier has more mid-band spectrum than anyone else in the U.S. T-Mobile is rapidly lighting up 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum, bringing customers in those areas average speeds that are 7.5x faster than LTE today.

Who it’s for: Wireless customers who want an amazing 5G experience on America’s largest 5G network.

BELLEVUE, Wash.--()--Better, faster, stronger … the Un-carrier’s 5G rollout continues to run circles around AT&T and Verizon’s. Yep, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is back at it again, supercharging 5G with mid-band in another 121 cities and towns, adding capacity and more blazing fast speeds to the country’s largest nationwide 5G network. To celebrate, T-Mobile is giving fans a chance to win five Gs ($5,000) in the #5Gsfor5G sweepstakes and will give away $100,000 in total over the next several months.

The Un-carrier’s mid-band (2.5 GHz) 5G is the very best kind of 5G, delivering both broad coverage and super-fast speeds averaging around 300 Mbps — that’s 7.5x faster than LTE today — with peaks of up to 1 gigabit-per-second. With today’s announcement, this supercharged 5G experience is live in a total of 210 cities and towns across the country with thousands more on the way by end of year.

“The Un-carrier already has America’s largest 5G network, and it’s only getting bigger, better and faster by the day thanks to the mid-band spectrum we’re rolling out across the country,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “It would be easy to deliver fast speeds that are only available less than 1% of the time, like Verizon, but T-Mobile’s strategy is different. With more low and mid-band spectrum than anyone in the U.S. and dedicated airwaves for 5G, only T-Mobile is delivering 5G with both coverage and speed.”

T-Mobile is making it rain, 5G style. Over the next several months, T-Mobile is giving away $100,000 in its #5Gsfor5G sweepstakes on Twitter. @TMobile will give away $5,000 (five G’s!) to five lucky fans during each giveaway over the next several months. The first opportunity to win kicks off tomorrow, September 30 at 10am PT on @TMobile. To enter, fans must tag @TMobile and use #5Gsfor5G and #Contest.

More Towers, More Spectrum, More Better

T-Mobile isn’t just lighting up mid-band in new cities, it’s also strengthening the places that already have it deployed by lighting up more towers and spectrum. In New York City, one of the first places to get mid-band 5G (2.5 GHz) from the Un-carrier, T-Mobile has already added 10x more mid-band sites since May. The additional sites added 25x more mid-band 5G coverage and 10x more mid-band capacity than before. Now, customers in all five boroughs of NYC can access this faster 5G experience. And this is only the beginning. T-Mobile is continuing to commit more mid-band spectrum to its 5G sites across the country, which means 2.5 GHz speeds and capacity will continue to rapidly improve for customers over the coming months and years.

T-Mobile has the first and largest nationwide 5G network, covering over 250 million people across 1.3 million square miles — that’s bigger than AT&T and Verizon’s 5G networks combined. Now, with its supply of ideal mid-band 5G spectrum (2.5 GHz), the Un-carrier is building on that nationwide 5G foundation with even more speed and capacity. In places where mid-band 5G is deployed, average download speeds are already around 300 Mbps with peak speeds approaching 1 Gbps. T-Mobile’s 2.5 GHz 5G delivers blazing fast speeds and expansive coverage with signals that can go through walls, windows and trees, unlike 5G networks limited by mmWave spectrum. Each mid-band 2.5 GHz 5G site can cover tens of thousands of times the area that one mmWave site can cover and can also penetrate obstructions (like walls). At T-Mobile, customers with a 5G phone can get broad 5G coverage and blazing fast speed at the same time. On other carriers, like Verizon, fast 5G speeds come at the expense of coverage and are only available in small pockets of a few dozen cites. With mid-band 5G, customers with a 5G phone at T-Mobile can already experience 5G’s benefits — both coverage and speed at the same time — in so many more places across the country than Verizon customers.

While Verizon and AT&T finally acknowledged the need for low and mid-band spectrum for 5G coverage, they don’t have clear spectrum like T-Mobile does. T-Mobile is the only one building 5G with clear, dedicated spectrum across low, mid and high bands. And that’s important because 5G devices will use a lot of capacity. Verizon and AT&T’s path to broadening 5G is to steal bandwidth away from other smartphone customers through Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). The other guys will split their low and mid-band spectrum between 4G and 5G, effectively sharing lanes from their current 4G smartphone highway. Meanwhile, T-Mobile is adding 5G lanes to its network with our dedicated low-band 600 MHz spectrum and mid-band 2.5 GHz from Sprint. While Verizon bet (wrong) on super-fast but super-limited mmWave spectrum for 5G, T-Mobile always believed 5G would live in all spectrum bands with its “layer cake” multi-band strategy.

Following the close of the merger with Sprint, the Un-carrier is continuing to move at a furious pace to bring the companies’ networks together and deliver faster 5G than before to customers all across the U.S. — from big cities to rural communities. T-Mobile is lighting up 1,000 mid-band 5G sites a month, so customers will find this faster 5G experience in thousands of cities and towns by end of year.

New mid-band 5G cities and towns:


○ Swansea

○ Lodi

○ Jacksonville

○ Tinley Park

○ Passaic

○ Trumann

○ University Park

○ Ridgefield


○ Vernon Hills

○ Rockaway

○ Wilmington

○ Waterloo

○ Trenton


○ Wheaton

○ Victory Gardens

○ Dunedin

○ Wheeling

○ Wallington

○ Key Vista

○ Woodridge

○ Wood-Ridge

○ Ridgecrest

○ Worth

New York



○ Amsterdam

○ Scottdale

○ Crown Point

○ Franklin Square



○ Lake Mohegan

○ Addison

○ Laurel

○ Shrub Oak

○ Belleville

○ Lochearn

○ South Hempstead

○ Bourbonnais

○ Parkville

○ Terryville

○ Bradley


○ University Gardens

○ Buffalo Grove

○ Melrose

North Carolina

○ Burbank

○ Revere

○ Cornelius

○ Carol Stream

○ Saugus

○ Piney Green

○ Chicago Ridge



○ Crestwood

○ Ypsilanti

○ Finneytown

○ Elmwood Park


○ Sandusky

○ Evergreen Park

○ Hopkins


○ Forest Park

○ Minneapolis

○ Broken Arrow

○ Hazel Crest

○ St. Paul


○ Hoffman Estates


○ Chalfant

○ Indian Creek

○ Black Jack

○ Collingswood

○ Kankakee

○ Cliff Village

○ Duryea

○ Lake Zurich

○ Dennis Acres

○ Lansdowne

○ Lockport

○ Flordell Hills

○ Levittown

○ Lombard

○ Grandview

○ Liberty

○ Lyons

○ Houston Lake

○ Millbourne

○ Markham

○ Joplin

○ North Braddock

○ Melrose Park

○ Lawson

○ Phoenixville

○ Midlothian

○ St. Joseph


○ Mundelein

○ Warrensburg

○ Lebanon

○ Normal

New Jersey

○ Oak Ridge

○ North Chicago

○ Atlantic City

○ Sevierville

○ Palos Hills

○ Clifton

○ Shelbyville

○ Park Forest

○ Echelon


○ Paxton

○ Edgewater

○ Galena Park

○ Plainfield

○ Elmwood Park


○ River Grove

○ Englewood

○ Alexandria

○ Riverdale

○ Fairview

○ Arlington

○ Romeoville

○ Franklin Center

○ Norfolk

○ Stone Park

○ Garfield

○ Virginia Beach

○ Streamwood

○ Jersey City

○ Washington

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