AIDP and Andy Khawaja Create New Department for Child Development

Andy Khawaja leads Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform in new child development effort. (Photo: Business Wire)

BEIJING--()--Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform, a technology start-up creating AI technology for a safer, more comfortable future, and its Founder Andy Khawaja have created a new department with a focus on AI technology for child development.

Artificial intelligence technology will continue to benefit people across all demographics and society as a whole. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 94% of children ages 3 to 18 had a computer and 61% had internet access in 2015.

In a day and age where almost 100% of children have computer access and the majority of children are online, these tools can be leveraged even further to be more effective in varying scenarios.

“Artificial intelligence technology can be used to support the growth and well-being of our children,” said Founder Andy Khawaja, “… AI can be used to cater learning tools that will help, not only with critical thinking skills, but also with learning disabilities.”

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform plans on advancing and enhancing basic learning software, mental health programs, and learning disability tools with AI technology, enabling programs to learn their users and cater the programs in real-time.

“The youth is our future. We at AIDP want to devote our efforts not only to the advancement of mankind, but to the advancement of our children and the shaping of our future,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja.

This year, AIDP will begin several pilot programs within their new department to integrate Isabella’s AI technology into new child development tools.

About Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform:

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is creating new AI technology for compatible systems and machines to build a safer, more sustainable future for mankind. Please visit for more information.


David Herzog

Release Summary

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform and Founder Andy Khawaja form a new department with a focus on AI technology for child development.


David Herzog