Chief Partners with Rich Talent Group

Private women’s network to accelerate diversity in board seats and executive positions across industries

NEW YORK--()--Chief (, the private network for women executives, today announced it will partner with executive search firm, Rich Talent Group. Together, Chief and Rich Talent Group will help to build transformative leadership teams by providing women with the necessary resources and opportunities to navigate career transitions and pursue board placements.

Rich Talent Group has a proven track record of elevating diversity across executive teams and boards. Last year, 86 percent of people that Rich Talent Group recruited to operating roles — VP level and above — were women, people of color and/or LGBTQ. And 100 percent of those recruited to board roles were women and/or people of color. The two organizations will work together at this critical inflection point to accelerate their shared vision and redefine parity in business.

“Companies are rightfully looking for ways to diversify their senior management, and Chief’s network of outstanding women has the power to level the playing field from the top-down,” said Carolyn Childers, co-founder and CEO of Chief. “Through this partnership with Rich Talent Group, a company we’ve long admired for building diverse leadership and placing more women and women of color into positions of power, we intend to make equity and inclusion the new normal in executive leadership and board meetings.”

Diversity in leadership has never been more important, and Chief is doubling down on its founding mission of getting more powerful women a seat at the table.

Chief’s highly-vetted community of leadership talent makes it uniquely positioned to connect outstanding women with companies that are genuinely invested in increasing the diversity and inclusion of their executive teams. While many Chief members are already serving on boards, the vast majority are interested in joining another (or their first) board.

With this partnership, Rich Talent Group will be able to tap into qualified candidates within the Chief network for executive and board opportunities. Additionally, Chief and Rich Talent Group will launch a Board Readiness Intensive Workshop Series to provide actionable information, resources, and exposure to board opportunities.

“Chief’s membership pool has some of the most successful and capable women leaders in business. Chief is uniquely positioned to accelerate better representation, not only for this generation, but generations to come,” said Jana Rich, Founder of Rich Talent Group. “We look forward to partnering with Chief as they continue to pave the way for a growing, influential community of women.”

About Chief

Chief is the future of women in the workplace. Created to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there, Chief is a private network designed specifically for senior women leaders — rising VP level through CEO — to strengthen their experience in the C-suite, cross-pollinate power across industries, and effect change from the top-down. Co-founders Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan launched Chief in 2019, and have grown to over 3,000 of the most formidable senior leaders in the United States, representing over 1,000 companies and a waitlist of more than 8,000. Chief is headquartered in New York City, with locations in Los Angeles and Chicago, and currently accepting members to Boston and San Francisco, as well as its nationwide waitlist. Apply to join at

About Rich Talent Group

Rich Talent Group partners with visionary companies to build transformative leadership teams that help change the world. Since its founding in 2014, the firm has become an industry leader in creating more diverse and inclusive executive teams and boards across the country. With offices in San Francisco and New York, Rich Talent Group works with clients that include both new/high-growth and established companies in the consumer and technology spaces, such as Peloton, Dropbox, Warby Parker, and Adobe, among others. To learn more visit


Rebecca Weiser


Rebecca Weiser