Transposit Unveils Next-generation Platform for Engineering Operations, Brings Human-centric Automation to Any Stack

Unifies Incident and Service Management, Leveraging Bi-directional Integrations and Workflow Automations to Increase Uptime and Simplify Operations for Engineering Organizations

Transposit: Turn Alerts into Action With Mission Control for the Modern Stack (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Transposit, the modern engineering operations company for the enterprise, today launched its next-generation platform for engineering operations that enables DevOps, site reliability engineers (SREs), and other on-call engineering teams to achieve greater velocity both during incidents and when operations are running smoothly. Designed to address the challenges of modern stacks, Transposit’s new Mission Control is a centralized command center for operations and incidents that includes real-time visibility, streamlined communication, and stakeholder dashboards, as well as searchable documentation that is automatically generated. Knowledge Streams parse massive volumes of human-generated data and machine data to provide unified context across operations and incidents to drive root cause analysis during and after incident triage, dramatically cutting mean time to resolution (MTTR). By making it possible to take action from the command center or right within their communications tools, like Slack, engineers can move fast while preventing human error at scale. The platform logs all activities relating to operations and incidents, dynamically systematizes processes, and serves up interactive runbooks so that both new and experienced employees can access the latest best practices contextually – in real time – increasing productivity. In a separate announcement today, Transposit announced a $35 million Series B funding round led by Altimeter Capital with participation from existing investors Sutter Hill Ventures, SignalFire, and Unusual Ventures.

Human-in-the-loop Automation Empowers Enterprise Engineering Teams

Transposit uses automation to bring order to incident response and troubleshooting, upleveling an existing ecosystem while keeping humans in the loop at key decision points to enhance stability and flexibility. By reducing the pain of on-call operations, engineering teams are freed to focus on innovation and evolving their technology stacks. The platform turns human activity into a data stream that can be processed alongside their automatically collected machine data streams. It enables users to automate repeatable tasks and provides a centralized place from which to act. Knowledge Streams drill into context with a holistic view across events, triggers, actions, and services, speeding up root cause analysis and eliminating silos. With Transposit’s Developer Console and integration platform, teams have quick access to shareable, sophisticated workflows and actions with infinite customization capabilities to achieve flexible, robust, and transparent automation. Workflows via interactive runbooks are now able to trigger multiple auto-actions at once. When a human takes a direct action command (such as ‘revert code commit’), multi-step automated workflows are initiated while maintaining full transparency for human operators.

Automation is often sold as a panacea for managing today's complex stacks, but full automation takes a complete understanding of the system and all of its possible outcomes, which is a constantly moving target when you have high velocity of innovation. Teams who attempt to automate everything without a clear awareness of what is and isn’t appropriate to fully automate end up with either complex and brittle systems or missed opportunities,” said Tina Huang, founder and CTO, Transposit. “While some solutions take the human out of the picture, Transposit believes in a human-centric approach to automation. We believe it’s better to plan around the human and their intuition, letting them command and control when to apply various automations. This approach makes automation easier to build out and more reliable, so people are less afraid to use it. The path forward lies in having user friendly systems that are instrumented to collect data for both the human and machine process. Making this data accessible before, after, but most importantly, during an incident can drive strategic action seamlessly through the tech stack, with exceptional speed and transparency for all stakeholders.”

Intelligent Platform Increases Uptime and Productivity While Reducing Engineers’ Stress and Cognitive Overload in Agile Environments

Traditionally the focus has been on the positives of agile development – transparency, improved product quality, and efficiency. However, there are downsides. According to IDC, “through 2022, the talent pool for emerging technologies will be inadequate to fill at least 30% of global demand and effective skills development and retention will become differentiating strategies.” Given the skills gap and difficulty in staffing DevOps roles, rapid agile development cycles, and the astronomical cost of downtime, the urgency of what it means to debug an incident has ballooned requiring engineers to support and debug against end users in real time.

With Transposit, engineers are able to reduce the stress of on-call life caused by the increased reliance on their support of production systems. Enterprises now have a single place for anyone to access key information on incidents. Engineers can more easily investigate, understand, and act on what is happening in production, both at the time of an incident and during post mortems. The only solution built on powerful bi-directional API integration technology, Transposit gathers semi-structured data from communications platforms such as Slack, continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions (CI/CD), application performance monitoring systems, and workflow management tools like Jira. These integrations provide better visibility into production systems so on-call engineers no longer need to spend countless hours communicating progress to stakeholders and can focus on keeping systems running smoothly and solving issues.

Key features of the Transposit platform:

  • Incident Command Center provides real-time visibility to on-call engineers and stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and simplifying communication so that teams can focus on what matters most: resolution.
  • Direct Action Commands (DACs) enable decisions to be carried from a communication platform, such as Transposit’s web interface or Slack, to a service, such as AWS ECS, with the touch of one button.
  • Interactive runbooks guide engineers through human-in-the-loop automated workflows.
  • Integration Hub manages identity and authentication and runs actions in Transposit’s serverless environment, serving as the “glue” that keeps the stack reliably connected as it evolves.
  • The Developer Console enables infinite extensibility and customization, as developers are able to fork, copy and modify any workflow or integration with managed auth, identity management, and versioning with git.
  • Self-documenting postmortems capture, annotate, and automatically document every action and event carried out on the Transposit platform and its connected systems.

With cloud-native applications and ‘everything as a service' shaping the path forward for IT, technology and developer operations are ready for a revolution that keeps pace with digital transformation,” said Divanny Lamas, CEO, Transposit. “Offerings built before DevOps philosophy and cloud-native infrastructure existed fall short. They are too manual, segmented, and unfocused to provide the full value engineering teams need from ops management tools. With Transposit’s rich, bi-directional integration technology we enable unprecedented actionability, sustainable and secure connections between systems, collaboration, and multi-system event tracking. Our interactive runbooks, knowledge streams, and ability to automate actions while keeping the human in the loop allow teams to achieve well-functioning systems. Reliability of systems is all about having repeatable processes for humans and machines and our new platform brings our vision to life.”

Customer Quotes

Anyone who works in operations battles the same challenge of having to parse through a tremendous amount of scattered institutional knowledge to get to a resolution. All of this manual, time consuming work gets in the way of innovation. With so much information spread across Slack and Confluence today, how do we surface understanding more efficiently to resolve issues faster? This led us to Transposit,” said Matthew Zeier, Director of Production Engineering and Operations, Lacework. “Transposit strings our world of APIs together and its fresh, human-centric approach to automation gives our engineers a better experience. It pulls relevant information into a unified UI so it’s available for everyone to access, serving as a guide for our experts and helping new engineers do their jobs effectively out of the gate. Transposit empowers us all to make on-call decisions with confidence and significantly saves clock time. At the end of the day, we want on-call to be easy enough to do from anywhere, even the beach, and Transposit is helping make the #BeachOps life possible."

"Today, incident management is fundamentally broken. When an incident occurs in the middle of the night, chaos clouds clarity. How many people can think straight at 3am? I've been there and much of my team has, too – it's the life of the on-call engineer. Engineering teams need clear guidance to be effective at operations, yet too often they’re forced to learn while in the fire of an incident and without the critical documentation at hand," said Pierre-Alexandre Masse, VP of Engineering, Split. "Having Transposit as a centralized, systematic guide gives engineers the right context we need to make better decisions and drastically reduce MTTR. Transposit’s role in conserving and tracking context makes it more seamless for us to take action and automate repeatable processes so we can focus on resolution and innovation."


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About Transposit

Transposit, the modern engineering operations company for the enterprise, increases application uptime and improves quality of life for engineers. Designed for complex stacks, Transposit’s platform provides a single home for operations and incidents that surfaces relevant context across human and machine activities to drive root cause analysis, shrinking mean time to resolution (MTTR). DevOps, site reliability engineers (SREs), and other on-call engineering teams use Transposit’s human-centric workflow automation to increase velocity during incidents and when operations are running smoothly. Transposit gathers all the data engineering teams need and lets them take direct action in any system in the toolchain via Slack or Transposit’s interface with the touch of a button, so they can resolve issues faster with precision. Transposit Mission Control is a unified command center with real-time visibility, streamlined communication, stakeholder dashboards, and searchable, automated documentation. The platform dynamically systematizes processes and serves interactive runbooks to guide incident triage and daily operations, reducing stress, eliminating toil, and ensuring consistency.

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Diana Brodskiy
Bhava Communications for Transposit


Diana Brodskiy
Bhava Communications for Transposit