Openfit Collaborates with Amazon Halo to Create a Series of Fitness-Focused Labs

Openfit’s Labs Include One-to-Two Week Trackable Experiments To Help Build Healthier Habits

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--Openfit, the all-in-one digital platform for fitness, nutrition and wellness, has teamed up with Amazon Halo, a new health and wellness membership that helps subscribers understand the connection between what they do and how they feel. As part of the collaboration, Openfit has created a series of fitness-focused Labs – simple trackable experiments that can help create healthier habits by converting members’ tracked data into actions that lead to measurable impact on their health and wellness.

“Openfit’s collaboration with Amazon Halo allows us to continue to expand our mission to make health and wellness accessible to everyone, all while ensuring that members have the right tools and information to reach their desired health goals,” said Openfit CEO Jon Congdon. “We have created Labs from some of our most-popular fitness programs and are excited for Amazon Halo members to experience a sample of our results-driven programs.”

Amazon Halo members can choose from over 100 Labs created by experts from the Amazon Halo team, Openfit and more. All of the Openfit Labs are based on several of Openfit’s signature programs including Xtend Barre, XB Pilates, Yoga52 and 600 Secs. The first five Openfit Labs will feature a variety of fitness categories, ranging from yoga to barre to Pilates and more, including:

Sculpt Your Body with Xtend Barre - Complete five power-packed workouts from the Xtend Barre program spanning cardio, strength and flexibility over the course of one week

Total Body Toning with XB Pilates - Fuse mat Pilates and reformer-inspired movements in this XB Pilates workout to help burn fat and sculpt your entire body in under 30 minutes with just five classes within a week

A Two Week Yoga Journey - Burn calories, build strength and flexibility, and help reduce stress with just four 25-40 minute Yoga52 classes a week for two weeks

All You Need Is 600 Seconds - In a two-week timeframe, complete 12 ten-minute workouts from the 600 Secs program that span multiple fitness objectives, muscle groups and disciplines

A Beginners Introduction to Yoga 52 - Featuring foundational yoga moves, complete three 30-40 minute Yoga52 workouts per week, over a period of two weeks

Openfit features hundreds of live and on-demand results-driven workouts -- including yoga, HIIT, boxing, martial arts and more -- led by certified personal trainers, in addition to a personalized nutrition plan with daily meal plans and tracking. The platform’s live component allows for a two-way communication between user and trainer for real-time feedback, motivation and coaching through optional use of their phone’s camera. As a one-stop-shop for members, Openfit helps make health goals achievable for everyone, no matter where they stand in their health and wellness journey.

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fortyseven communications for Openfit
Laura Weir/Chrissy Kelleher


fortyseven communications for Openfit
Laura Weir/Chrissy Kelleher