Jasper Capital Announces First Successful Implant of Guardian® Heart Attack Alarm System in Patients

First and Only Technology Providing Continuous Real-Time Alerting of Heart Attacks

SINGAPORE--()--Jasper Capital Ltd www.jasperCL.com (“Jasper”), a private equity fund with operations in Singapore and Silicon Valley, today announced the first successful implant of an implantable commercial heart attack alarm system, called the Guardian® system, developed by its portfolio company, Angel Medical Systems, Inc. (“AngelMed”) (www.angel-med.com) of the USA.

Guardian implants were successfully placed in four patients over a 3-day period in Singapore and all recipients have since been discharged from the hospital without any complications. The technical team from AngelMed provided support via video conferencing to the medical team in Singapore, paving the way for technical support for future implants via Telemedicine. The medical procedures were led by a group of cardiologists at Singapore’s Farrer Hospital under the supervision of Dato Dr. Leslie Lam.

The Guardian® System is a first-of-its-kind two-part cardiac monitoring and alerting system able to detect the early warning signs of heart attacks for people with heart disease or at risk for heart attacks. The Guardian® includes a device that is implanted inside the body, much like a pacemaker, and examines the heart signal 24/7 for rapid changes that may occur during a resting heart rate. If there is any indication of an event, the implanted device quickly alerts the person with a vibration and communicates with the Guardian® pager device enabling them to quickly contact their doctor or emergency services. The pager device can wirelessly transmit data to doctors and hospitals, enabling early intervention and treatment.

The Guardian®:

  • Is first-and-only technology providing continuous real-time alerting of heart attacks
  • Addresses huge unmet medical need that is well recognized by doctors
  • Detects silent heart attack: 40% of heart attacks are silent/unrecognized, prevalent in women, elderly, diabetics
  • Reduces pre-Emergency Room (ER) delay: helps prevent heart muscle damage
  • Reduces “false positive” ER visits
  • Improves quality-of-life for patients,


  • The Guardian® system will benefit approximately 20 million existing patients as well 1.5 million new patients annually (approximately 23% of the patients who suffer a first heart attack) in South-east Asia (excluding China and India).
  • Jasper co-led the restructuring of AngelMed in early 2019.
  • Jasper developed the company’s Outside US (OUS) distribution strategy and its implementation.
  • The first OUS devices were implanted in four patients in Singapore with great outcomes. The initial implants pave the way for broad adoption of the Guardian System in additional geographies.

In announcing the news, Mr. Masoud Bassiri, Principal Partner at Jasper Capital said, “Jasper Capital searches and seeks companies that have immense growth potential by utilizing our funds as well as our vast network of highly qualified leads worldwide. We are pleased that AngelMed’s success proves our approach and strategy of leveraging our strengths to assist our portfolio companies in an accelerated leap to success. We aspire to add value to our portfolio companies by leveraging our experience and global reach.”

Dr. David Fischell, Founder and Chairman of AngelMedical Systems said, “We are excited to see that our early partnership with Jasper Capital has resulted in the world’s first commercial implant of our new flagship product, the AngelMed Guardian. The network and geographic reach of Jasper, especially in Singapore and Australia, contributed to this successful OUS launch of the product.”

Dr. Brom Mahbod, the Silicon Valley based Jasper Principal Partner, further added, “This week’s successful operations validate Jasper Capital’s founding vision of accelerating the global adoption of novel and powerful technologies by leveraging Jasper’s global resources.”

Mr. Bassiri noted, “We are especially grateful to the AngelMed and Dr. Lam’s teams, who managed the challenging environment and limitations due to COVID-19 and for conducting four successful implants in four patients over a 3 day period in Singapore.”

Soon, Jasper Capital expects to see additional implants performed in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and India.

About Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

Angel Medical Systems, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Drs. Robert, Tim and David Fischell, active serial entrepreneurs/inventors of medical devices to advance life-sustaining patient care and the long-term management of Advanced Cardiovascular Disease. AngelMed developed the Guardian® implantable cardiac monitor for alerting patients who had prior Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS), including myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) or unstable angina and who remain at high risk for recurrent ACS events.

About Jasper Capital Ltd

Jasper was founded by partners with over 90 years of combined experience as founding operators and entrepreneurs, and as investors in our target industries. We have a track record of founding or being co-founding operators of 16 technology companies in Telecom, Enterprise Software & Solutions, Healthcare (immunotherapies, medical devices -- therapeutic and diagnostic), Green Technologies and Environmental Cleanup/Green technologies.


Masoud Bassiri, Principal Partner
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Release Summary

Jasper Capitol Ltd announces first successful implant of commercial heart attack alarm system, called the Guardian, by Angel Medical Systems.


Masoud Bassiri, Principal Partner
Tel: +65-8188-0600