United Property Restoration Services is Certified by Allied BioScience as a Lead Service Provider in the Fight Against COVID-19

MIDDLEFIELD, Conn.--()--United Property Restoration Services (United), a CT based full-service disaster response company is ramping up its arsenal in the fight against COVID-19 with the introduction of the first and only product made to immediately and continuously incapacitate pathogens from living on surfaces for months with a single application.

SurfaceWise2 (SW2) is patented and supplied by Allied BioScience (ABS), a Dallas-based biotech company that specializes in the development of hospital grade, environmentally-friendly solutions and disinfectants. United is actively submitting emergency waivers for the use of SW2 which is pending imminent EPA approval.

As one of Allied BioScience’s preferred partners for this application, United will provide long-lasting and economical solutions to municipalities, institutions, banks, senior living, hospitals, restaurants and other businesses to reduce health risks posed by COVID-19 and infectious diseases such as the MRSA and SARS and the flu.

Community Awareness

For nearly 25 years, United has provided emergency response following catastrophic events throughout New England. Its portfolio of services has strategically evolved to include damage mitigation, hazardous material remediation, consulting, construction, and restoration services. Specialized and experienced technicians have made United a trusted service provider for structural and content cleaning, disinfecting, air-purification, and coatings.

Independent tests prove that a single application of SW2 will be effective for 90 days or more allowing companies and individuals to resume their normal life and return to business.

Typical disinfectants are reactive and momentary, killing germs after they have already contaminated a surface. SurfaceWise2 works in reverse, coating a surface to continuously kill germs upon contact for months after application. United has developed and trained its team on advanced restoration technologies to enable the proper, full-coverage application of the surface protectant.

SurfaceWise2 will be available from United in the Fall 2020. For additional information on this and other coronavirus preparedness solutions, visit unitedprs.com or call (860) 349-2448.

About Allied BioScience

Allied BioScience is a biotechnology company specializing in continuously active antimicrobial coatings providing months of surface protection. Working across various industries and commercial settings, its customers include health systems, sports facilities, and other commercial partners.

The company is dedicated to saving lives through revolutionary science and focuses on developing innovative solutions to create cleaner human environments through long-lasting, always-on antimicrobial coatings. Visit www.alliedbioscience.com for more information.

About United Property Restoration Services, LLC

Founded in 1998, United (www.unitedprs.com) is a Connecticut-based disaster restoration company headquartered in Middlefield, CT. Providing solutions to more than 2,000 projects annually across New England, the company supports insurance companies, facility and property managers, hospitality and multi-family dwellings, retail, and senior living facilities with an unwavering commitment to and investment in its people, process, and technology.

Their trained teams and trusted partners deliver a broad suite of construction, facilities maintenance, exterior, and rollout services—with each project being managed with highly skilled staff with singularly-focused roles for the most efficient and timely completion.

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