Crediverso Is the Online Financial Products Marketplace Launching to Bridge a Cultural Divide

Spanish and English Personal Finance Platform to Provide Tools and Information for Financial Literacy

LOS ANGELES--()--Crediverso is the first online financial products marketplace built for the US Latino audience. Crediverso’s mission is to provide access to financial products and financial information to Latinos living in the US. Bridging the cultural gap where US banking institutions have fallen short, Crediverso addresses the needs of Spanish speaking communities as the only financial services platform completely available in both Spanish and English, with culturally relevant content and tools specifically designed for the Latino community.

Latinos represent 20% of the US population yet US banking institutions have been unsuccessful in addressing this growing market. “Although US Latinos spend billions of dollars on financial products every year, financial institutions and service providers are not effectively marketing to this segment of the population, and they remain dramatically underbanked as compared to the general market,” says Founder and CEO Carlos Hernandez. The three-time Harvard graduate who holds a BA, JD and MBA explained, “There are 61 million Latinos in the US, yet most banking establishments fail to provide fully bilingual sites and lack understanding about the distinction between different Spanish speaking ethnic groups. Furthermore, many of the largest companies in the country spend less than 1% of their marketing budget on reaching Latinos. These practices lead to poor access and information. Our goal is to change that.”

The Spanish and English digital platform provides consumer access to free, relevant, and unbiased content, including comparison tools, credit resources, and vital information for making smarter and more informed personal finance decisions. Crediverso will allow users to save time and effort on research as it has developed a proprietary system that provides personalized recommendations based on user interests and spending habits. Crediverso’s many partners include Western Union, WorldRemit, Remitly, TransferWise, and XE, among others.

Crediverso has employed a team of nationally-renowned finance experts who have written reviews, guides, and helpful educational information on how to successfully manage credit cards and other financial topics. These online tools address Latino consumer financial needs with educational videos, articles, and customized Crediverso products and services, including:

  • Remittance Marketplace - The Remittance Marketplace lets users compare between options to send money internationally. A user inputs how much they want to send and where they want to send it, and can immediately see what the cheapest and fastest secure options are.
  • Credit Card Marketplace - The Credit Card Marketplace gives users access to the information they need to compare credit cards, such as interest rates, fees, and credit score eligibility from all the major providers.
  • Credit Check Marketplace - The Credit Check product shows users the best ways to get a free credit check, and makes it easy for users to understand and improve their credit scores, and get personalized offers based on their credit history.
  • Loan Marketplace - The Loan Marketplace offers users an easy way to compare top loans to help find the right one for their needs.
  • Educational Resources - Crediverso’s vast library of educational resources includes guides on topics ranging from “What is a Good Credit Score and Why Do I Need One?” to “What Is a Good Interest Rate on My Credit Card?” - as well as a full English to Spanish glossary explaining commonly used financial terms.

Crediverso Founder and CEO Carlos Hernandez is a Los Angeles born Mexican-American from a family who has long served the Latino community. He turned down a promising career on Wall Street to dedicate his time to enriching the lives of Latinos living in the US.

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About Crediverso

Crediverso is a Spanish and English online marketplace founded to help Latinos make informed financial decisions by providing access to free, unbiased, and easy to understand information about financial products. The featured services include tools that help users compare credit cards, loans, and ways to send money internationally, as well as free credit checks. Crediverso also provides resources assisting with financial literacy like guides, how-to’s, and a full English to Spanish glossary of financial terms.


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