The New USAFacts Coronavirus Impact and Recovery Hub Gives Americans a Free and Easy Way to Get Real-Time Facts They Can Count On

Explore the pandemic through the lenses of the economy, employment, government spending, new cases and more

BELLEVUE, Wash.--()--USAFacts, a not-for-profit, nonpartisan civic initiative providing the most comprehensive and understandable single source of government data, today announced the latest release of its USAFacts COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Hub.

“This hub is exciting because it’s one of the only places people can visit to get trusted, government data on our pandemic recovery,” said former Microsoft CEO and USAFacts Founder Steve Ballmer. “USAFacts has done the heavy lifting to collect and normalize data on key indicators and put it all in one spot. Now Americans can easily explore the facts and assess for themselves how our nation is doing.”

USAFacts Coronavirus Impact and Recovery Hub Features

  • Centralized, Real-Time and Mobile: The design of USAFacts Coronavirus Recovery Hub provides unprecedented real-time access to government data related to our nation’s path towards coronavirus recovery. The hub is grounded in the concept that busy people want one place to go to get trusted facts and resources, and the hub provides that data daily.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The hub provides frequently updated data on topics such as health, employment, businesses, and more, allowing visitors to easily compare trends in one area to another rather than visiting multiple sites.
  • Clean Graphics: Understandable, colorful charts make it easy to dive right and explore the data on health, government and consumer spending, and more.
  • Multi-View Options: Visitors can view, filter, and transform data, including ways to compare recovery between states and national trends.

How is the Country Doing Right Now?

While the hub’s real-time data model updates numbers and facts daily, at time of release, the data shows:

  • The story of recovery is a mixed one.
    • New COVID-19 cases per day are near the highest they’ve ever been, yet deaths per day are less than half what they were at their peak, despite cases having been up for a while.
    • The stock market is almost back to its peak and retail sales are close to February levels, but daily air travel is less than one-third of what it was pre-pandemic.
    • The federal government is spending more than ever—$1.1 trillion in June— equivalent to about one-fourth of all FY 2019 federal government spending.
  • Recovery varies by state.
    • In Florida, new daily cases were recently over 55 per 100,000 people—higher than New York’s peak in April.
    • However, the current Florida death rate was about 0.5 new deaths per 100,000, which is about one-tenth of the death rate during New York’s peak.
  • Facts and trends related to:
    • Stock market performance
    • Unemployment claims
    • Air travel passengers
    • Consumer spending and savings
    • Retail sales
    • Government spending

According to USAFacts President Poppy MacDonald, “It was an immense undertaking that our small but mighty data team took on when building the USAFacts COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Hub. The result is a hub full of facts so Americans can filter out noise and misinformation. We believe the public that we serve deserves this data and should not be intimidated or limited when seeking it.”

Until now, access to the range and depth of facts the COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Hub offers was time and resource prohibitive. USAFacts brought these numbers to light by sourcing and presenting the data in easy-to-read visualizations, empowering users to simply get to the facts as easily as they check the weather.

Data Model

USAFacts sources the hub’s data from hundreds of government sources, including the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Department of Labor, and USAFacts’s own trusted coronavirus case map, built from an aggregation of county-level COVID-19 data from state and local public health departments. It then standardizes, designs, and publishes in accessible formats all Americans can use.

Visit the USAFacts COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Hub now and/or contact for more information.


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