AlphaWallet Releases 3.0 Wallet That Enables Development of Any Token Use Case

Upgrades include ENS Integration, a variety of new smart tokens, and updates to UI

SYDNEY--()--Earlier this month AlphaWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet and tokenisation company, announced the details of their newest wallet upgrade, AlphaWallet 3.0. This latest update to AlphaWallet includes features designed to improve the user experience of interacting with a crypto wallet, but also expands the usability of the blockchain promise itself. The most prominent upgrades include new TokenScript schema supports, ENS integration, a slew of new SMART token applications, and a variety of intuitive upgrades to UI.

“AlphaWallet 3.0 has been in development for the better part of 2020, and we are proud of our latest updates for our global community,” said Victor Zhang, CEO of AlphaWallet. “We have been developing several new token opportunities for users to engage with, and expand their use of blockchain into a variety of new use cases, such as the ability to create your own personalized token that can be used for virtually anything.”

In AlphaWallet 3.0, with the support of TokenScript schema 2020/06 users can now design their own tokens, and manage them directly in their AlphaWallet, eliminating the need for endless wallets for various tokens. Known as TokenScript, this framework allows for users to integrate their token logic into the wallet itself, which highlights the token’s best features on iOS and Android, and designed with secure, cross-platform functionality. An example of this can be seen in our integration of the NEST token.

“Simply put, TokenScript is a special file that holds your token’s key features such as deposit, mint or vote and works cross-platform with security and trust in mind. To ensure such a file is not tampered with, it is cryptographically signed by the token issuer and verified within the app that runs it. Invalid signatures are rejected by the wallet app,” said James Sangalli, Co-Founder of AlphaWallet.

Included in this new wallet update also is new ENS Integration, which will allow users to view and renew their ENS names, and set an email address for them. Just like DNS for standard web addresses, ENS functionality will expand the commercial viability of blockchain addresses for businesses and individuals. By expanding this capability, it will enable users to streamline their brands and improve the usability of traditionally cumbersome wallet addresses. This will prove valuable to the mass adoption of blockchain technology for commercial uses.

AlphaWallet 3.0 represents the future of blockchain wallets. ENS Integration, expanded SMART Tokens, and new UI designs will empower individuals and businesses to take their crypto further than ever before. These features and upgrades will prove valuable to the mass adoption of blockchain technology for commercial uses.

AlphaWallet and TokenScript are fully open source under the MIT license. Free for commercial and non-commercial use. Fork AlphaWallet for your own use.

About AlphaWallet

AlphaWallet is founded by blockchain geeks and business professionals who believe blockchain technology will have a massive impact on the future and change the landscape of technology in general. We strive to make this vision a reality by providing an easy-to-use platform which makes the technology available for anyone. We believe in the future of everyone benefiting from technology-enabled free markets.


Joseph Hunt


Joseph Hunt