Brandcast Launches Code-Free Web Content Studio, Challenging the $50 Billion Web Design Services and Software Markets*

Designed to solve massive content logjam faced by digital-first enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Brandcast, the first code-free web content system for enterprise, already adopted by more than 10,000 commercial subscribers, launched the Brandcast Content Studio today. Content Studio is a powerful, easy-to-use content creation system for sales, marketing and general business teams and a challenger entrant in the $50 billion web design and software marketplaces. It enables non-technical business users to create stunning, mobile-ready websites and digital content in record time and at enterprise scale.

In the wake of COVID-19, customer interactions have been forced to go online, making “digital-first” an imperative for business survival and growth. This has created an insatiable demand for fresh digital content. However, few resources exist to help business teams accelerate content production to meet that demand. So, companies now face an enormous backlog of requests for digital content—especially revenue-generating content. Typical wait times are weeks or months. So companies wait—while opportunities pass them by.

This massive digital logjam has three specific causes:

  • People: Most companies only have a handful of skilled designers and developers available to help create content. They are vastly outnumbered by those requesting it
  • Technology: Existing software tools weren’t designed for a mobile-first world. High-end CMS systems require laborious coding by teams of developers; low-end website builders force users to adopt generic themes and templates; both result in mostly one-off websites
  • Cost: Professional-grade content is very expensive to produce, update and replicate at scale

Brandcast Content Studio was built to remedy this massive disconnect between content demand and content supply. For the first time, enterprise sales and marketing teams can create a new generation of engaging, design-forward web content on a platform designed specifically for them. This includes revenue-generating content such as marketing websites, product catalogs, and landing pages; sales presentations, proposals and collateral; customer case studies and market research reports; corporate and investor communications; entertainment and event websites; COVID-19 updates and vibrant customer communications portals.

In addition, Brandcast Content Studio is the first content creation software that enables companies to “webify”—or digitally reimagine old, ponderous forms of sales and marketing content, such as Powerpoint, PDFs, and lifeless emails, and transform them into stunning, interactive, trackable content--from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom. In short, Brandcast Content Studio makes digital transformation a reality for every company--right now.

With Content Studio, Brandcast brings together the five elements of large-scale digital content production in a single, highly visual and intuitive workflow:

  • Visual Design System - allows every digital experience to be customizable and unique
  • Customizable Branding System - enforces unique corporate branding for all content
  • Visual Content Editor - gets users productive within minutes, building content from drag-and-drop content blocks or corporate-approved custom layouts
  • Digital Asset Manager - stores reusable text, images, videos, layouts, and content blocks
  • Large-Scale Web Hosting - built on the most advanced Amazon Web Services, enabling unlimited content production and lightning-fast load speeds

“We’ve tackled one of the most vexing technical challenges in enterprise software: how to cure the digital content logjam without need of scarce technical resources,” said Richard Yanowitch, Brandcast CEO. “Working together with our major customers, we’ve cracked the code on large-scale digital content design and production. Our solution fuses custom digital design, visual editing, a sophisticated branding system, and large-scale digital content production into a single cloud platform, one that empowers everyday business teams to create almost any imaginable digital experience for their customers—code-free.”

“We’ve solved the universal content backlog problem by doing all the really difficult coding inside our platform—a massive amount of code, so customers don’t have to,” added Conor Egan, Brandcast’s Chief Product Officer. “Nobody else has built this kind of code-free content generation capability for enterprise—not even the largest software companies. And when we say “enterprise scale”—we mean it. Content Studio was developed and beta tested with customers who have migrated thousands of non-technical users and websites onto the Brandcast platform.”

According to Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation: "With a worldwide network of 2 million members in our Shaklee family, we are committed to providing a state-of-the-art Personal Website System (PWS) to enable each of our distributors to have their own personalized ecommerce and content platform. And to help them stand out and offer better service to their customers and communities. We selected Brandcast as our PWS provider, and have worked closely with them on early iterations of both the PWS and Content Studio. Brandcast has been a terrific partner and we are excited to expand our relationship as we go forward together."

“Using Brandcast has empowered our marketing organization to become more agile and perform at a higher level," said Matt Lloyd, Director of Marketing Communications at Global Hotel Alliance. Global Hotel Alliance brings together 35+ brands with more than 570 hotels spread across 85 countries in its portfolio. "Brandcast’s technology allows us to own the end-to-end production of web content, which has helped us increase both campaign velocity and effectiveness.”

“Brandcast allowed us to effectively create and maintain our brand sites," said Lindsay Martin, Vice President, Marketing at Reed's Inc. "The platform is simple to use and so our marketing team and agency partners can easily collaborate to activate and modify content as our brand and online experiences evolve.”

Brandcast Content Studio builds on the first product in the Brandcast Web Content System: the Brandcast Design Studio. Design Studio is a visual design system used by designers, creative teams and agencies to create customized digital content for enterprises on a large scale, code-free. The Brandcast Web Content System is a comprehensive suite of code-free content creation tools for the entire digital team.

*$50 billion figure is the total market size for IBISWorld’s “Web Design Services in the US industry trends (2014-2019).” March 2019 and “Website Creation Software Developers in the US industry trends (2014-2019).” December 2019.

About Brandcast

Brandcast is the first code-free Web Content System for enterprise. With over 10,000 commercial subscribers, Brandcast enables companies such as Colliers International, Kaiser Permanente, PepsiCo, Sanofi, Molson Coors, and Shaklee Corporation to generate on-brand, mobile-ready content at enterprise scale, across a broad spectrum of business use-cases, without coding. Brandcast is the first enterprise platform to fuse fully-customizable web design, corporate branding, content creation and content production in a unified marketing system. Brandcast’s major investors include Marc Benioff, Shasta Ventures, and TPG Growth Fund. To learn more about Brandcast visit


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