O’Shares Global Internet Giants ETF (OGIG) Performance Over 40% YTD, Surpasses $200 Million in AUM and Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary

BOSTON--()--O’Shares Global Internet Giants ETF (OGIG) is up over 40% year-to-date through June 18, 2020, outperforming the NASDAQ 100 Stock Index by over 25% and surpassed $200 million in AUM. OGIG celebrated its 2-year anniversary on June 5, 2020. View the standardized performance for OGIG.

OGIG holds over 60 large cap stocks of internet and e-commerce businesses, selected for strong balance sheets and strong revenue growth. Investors are using OGIG to gain exposure to access a distinct set of large cap internet and e-commerce stocks, most of which are not present in typical technology indexes. AUM in OGIG increased to over $200m YTD ($46m at 12/31/2019), with investor inflows and performance of over 15%, 25% and 40% in the 1-month, 3-month and 12-month periods, respectively, through the end of May.

“Digital transformation of the U.S. economy is accelerating because the pandemic is forcing companies to change, fast. The U.S. economy, we call it 'America 2.0', could get six years of digital transformation packed into six months, with companies adopting technology, selling more directly to customers and expanding their margins. Potential winners could include not just Amazon, but companies growing even faster that enable digital transformation by providing the digital survival tools in cyber-security, data, cloud and other B2B services. Just look at the OGIG portfolio, with companies many people didn’t even know twelve months ago, that are now huge and growing faster than ever. The pandemic is causing some surprising efficiency gains and profit growth,” said Kevin O’Leary, Chairman of O’Shares ETFs.

“OGIG is driven by innovative index rules for stock selection and allocations that have led to strong performance. The index is designed to include large cap stocks in e-commerce and internet related sectors that are scored, screened and selected for quality and revenue growth. The index rules, based on our extensive research, are somewhat Darwinian: stocks with lower quality and lower revenue growth are reduced or eliminated from the index, while those with strong metrics have increased allocations. Although these rules may seem logical and almost obvious, they also seem very helpful in identifying stocks with rapidly scalable businesses serving large markets. We believe the e-commerce and internet long-term trends will favor an investment approach that emphasizes revenue growth,” said Connor O’Brien, CEO of O’Shares ETFs.

OGIG is the quality and growth internet technology and e-commerce investment provided by O’Shares ETF Investments, a family of ETFs that also includes OUSA, OUSM and OEUR.

OGIG is an exchange traded fund (ETF) that seeks to track the performance (before fees and expenses) of the O’Shares Global Internet Giants Index (the “Target Index”). The Target Index is a rules based index intended to give investors a means of tracking stocks exhibiting quality and growth characteristics in the “internet sector”, as defined by the index provider, O’Shares Investment Advisors, LLC.

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O’Shares Investments provides ETFs for long-term wealth management, with an emphasis on quality across our family of ETFs. The O’Shares ETFs are designed for investors with objectives ranging from wealth preservation and income to growth and capital appreciation. Each O’Shares ETF reflects our rules-based investment philosophy, including quality as an important characteristic. O’Shares ETFs are all managed according to rules-based indexes, and all are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has negatively affected the worldwide economy, individual countries, individual companies and the market in general. The future impact of COVID-19 is currently unknown, and it may exacerbate other risks that apply to the Fund.

Short-term performance may often reflect conditions that are likely not sustainable, and thus such performance may not be repeated in the future.

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Kevin Beadles, Director, Capital Markets and Strategic Development


Kevin Beadles, Director, Capital Markets and Strategic Development