New Report: COVID-19 Breaks Work Processes, Affecting Business Operations

TrackVia Report Shows Front-Line Employees Solving Critical Software Gaps Exposed by Pandemic

DENVER--()--A new report from TrackVia shows that the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay-at-home orders have created a number of critical gaps in work processes.

While the cumulative effect of these broken processes exposes threats to broader business operations, employees are driving solutions to close these gaps, ultimately creating a collective, bottom-up push toward digital transformation.

The report, WFH: Work Processes in Quarantine, is based on a survey of 200 IT professionals and 200 professional workers, and shows that 89% of IT respondents and 62% of workers said there were manual work processes that they were unable to perform since COVID-19 forced them out of their offices. These processes, like billing, logistics tracking, safety inspections, and myriad common project management tasks, are often conducted via spreadsheets.

Less than half of workers and IT have implemented software to help perform these tasks remotely, while for others, these critical work processes are just not getting done. The report found that 71% of workers believe the changing work environment has accelerated the need for their employers to adapt new technologies and solutions.

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations were already exploring new technologies to drive digital transformation, but progress was often slowed by continued reliance on manual and legacy processes,” said Charles Var, Executive Vice President of Marketing at TrackVia. “When those vital manual processes suddenly could not be performed, it exposed a critical flaw: it broke the way people work, and broken work processes will eventually break down critical business processes. The opportunity for businesses now is to empower their employees to create better, more efficient work processes that will drive better business processes.”

This challenge is leading many organizations to empower IT and their employees to address these issues on their own, driving many to develop solutions that meet their digitization needs. The report finds that more than half (58%) of workers and 82% of IT feel empowered to address the technology challenges they have faced since COVID-19.

According to the report, 61% of workers said that if they had the tools available, they would create applications to manage business tasks, reflecting a newfound sense of agency and empowerment felt by employees weathering the pandemic.

Perhaps more importantly, this trend is likely to continue beyond the current conditions, pointing to COVID-19 as the catalyst for a new generation of employees able to solve problems and create solutions on their own.

The report also found:

  • 87% of IT believe their companies should do more to empower employees to work more creatively
  • 94% of IT agree that it is their role to help employees to work better and smarter
  • 73% of workers said their company is now more open to empowering employees to work more creatively

“These unprecedented times have essentially thrown old rules and many old processes out the window and have given many professionals an opportunity to think critically about how they work and the tools they want to use. They have accelerated the move towards new tools and business processes and have empowered the worker to be a gatekeeper of these solutions,” concluded Var.

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Laura Kubitz
104 West Partners for TrackVia


Laura Kubitz
104 West Partners for TrackVia