Motorola Solutions Delivers V300 Body-Worn Cameras to Support COVID-19 Response

V300’s Swappable Battery Pack Ensures Cameras Remain Operational Far Beyond a 12-hour Shift

V300 continuous-operation Body-Worn Camera (Photo: Business Wire)

CHICAGO--()--Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), today announced the availability of the newest addition to its video security and analytics portfolio, the WatchGuard V300 continuous-operation Body-Worn Camera.

The V300 is the first in the industry to address law enforcement’s need for body-worn cameras that remain operational beyond a 12-hour shift. Swappable battery packs and 128 GB of memory enable it to operate continuously while officers are in the field.

For example, if a V300’s battery runs low, the officer is able to change out the battery in the camera and swap in a spare that they carry on hand. This saves the officer a journey back to the station to check-out a new, fully-charged camera.

The WatchGuard V300 body-worn camera can also be integrated with the WatchGuard 4RE® in-car video system, allowing for the capture of synchronized video of an incident from multiple vantage points. With Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) capabilities, the WatchGuard 4RE in-car video system delivers real-time, in-vehicle intelligence to law enforcement officers.

Additionally, patented Record-After-the-Fact® technology, if enabled on the V300 by a system administrator, can be used to recover the video from an incident days later, even when a recording was not automatically triggered or the record button was not pressed.

With officers often working overtime during this pandemic to ensure the safety of their communities, we’ve seen a heightened demand from our law enforcement customers for a body-worn camera with capabilities that enable them to stay in the field longer,” says Andres Lacambra, senior director, Motorola Solutions’ WatchGuard portfolio. “With the new battery capabilities, and an integration into our 4RE video system, the V300 makes it easier for them to focus on their work in the field.”

The WatchGuard V300 detachable battery, along with the Evidence Library Rapid Check-out Kiosk, also changes how a body-worn camera program can be deployed. Cameras can be pooled between officers, so agencies may purchase fewer cameras than their total number of officers. Since the V300 detachable battery can charge without being attached to the camera, fully-charged spares can stand ready in a docking station for a quick shift change, allowing immediate re-assignment of an inbound camera to a new outbound officer, improving availability and utilization.

The V300 is now available for shipping throughout North America. For more information, please contact sales.

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Elyssa Macfarlane
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