Relode and Ready Responders Announce Partnership to Alleviate Strain During Covid-19 Crisis

Frist Cressey Portfolio companies to work together to meet increased demand of on-demand healthcare and Covid-19 testing services

NASHVILLE, Tenn. & NEW YORK--()--Relode, an innovative, crowd-sourced recruiting service company, today announced its partnership with Ready Responders, an on-demand healthcare service, to rapidly fulfill Ready Responder’s hiring needs as the company quickly expands to provide care in new markets during the Covid-19 crisis.

Ready Responders, a key provider in the country’s response to Covid-19, has seen demand for its services surge during the pandemic in part due to the characteristics of the virus and the immense strains the outbreak has placed on health centers and hospitals. By providing convenient, non-emergent, at-home care and Covid-19 testing services, Ready Responders is helping to treat at-risk patients sheltering in place – reducing transmission rates and alleviating overburdened emergency rooms, clinics and hospital centers.

The partnership will help the Company scale quickly and hire thousands of new Responders to its multidisciplinary team of EMTs, paramedics and nurses, who provide on-scene care, as well as clinicians who connect with patients via telehealth. Now, Ready Responders will be able to leverage Relode’s robust network of qualified healthcare professionals to more easily meet its increased hiring needs and provide care in New York City, as well as other markets throughout the United States.

Recognizing the growing demand, Frist Cressey Ventures, an investor in both companies, connected Ready Responders CEO Justin Dangel with Relode CEO Matt Tant. “We are facing an unprecedented situation with Covid-19, which will require new, innovative solutions for delivering care to those in need,” said Senator Bill Frist of Frist Cressey Ventures. “We are proud that two of our portfolio companies are teaming up to scale rapidly and bring non-emergent care directly to patients in their homes, allowing our hospitals to focus on those in more critical condition.”

Ready Responders recently partnered with New York State to provide medical services including Covid-19 testing to public housing in New York City. The Company also serves Southeastern Louisiana as well as Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada – with plans to expand to Washington D.C., Maryland, California, Florida and Texas in the coming weeks and months.

"We’re currently experiencing unprecedented growth, as we’re rapidly expanding to provide high-quality care in new major markets and hotspots across the country,” said Justin Dangel, CEO and co-founder of Ready Responders. “Relode has been, and will continue to be, a critical partner in helping us seamlessly meet the increased demand during, and well after, this pandemic.”

“Relode’s virtual recruiting model allows us to provide immediate support on a national scale for clients like Ready Responders,” said Matthew Tant, CEO of Relode. “These first responders are mission critical to providing access to care for every patient, while helping to ease the burden placed on our traditional healthcare system. We are grateful to play a part in responding to this crisis with an innovative company like Ready Responders.”

In response to the demands generated by Covid-19, Relode is accelerating its internal investments and hiring more virtual recruiters to join their growing team to help deliver mission critical staffing resources.

Frist Cressey Ventures was a recent investor in Ready Responders’ $48 million Series B financing round led by Deerfield Management Company and GV. For more information on the company, visit or follow Ready Responders on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

About Relode

Relode is a crowd-sourced recruiting marketplace that is disrupting the traditional staffing industry. It utilizes a virtual recruiting network comprised of experienced recruiters, HR professionals, and industry professionals to refer and recruit top talent quickly and efficiently. Its proprietary technology and crowd enhance clients’ ability to meet staffing targets and execute on their mission. Relode’s investors include Heritage Group and Frist Cressey Ventures based out of Nashville, TN. To learn more, visit

About Ready Responders

Ready Responders is an on-demand health service that delivers care where and when patients need it. It accomplishes this with a team of highly trained Responders composed of paramedics, EMTs and nurses who are on-scene and backed by certified clinicians through telehealth and other technologies to deliver specialized visits in the safety of a patient’s home or community. Its multidisciplinary teams address the physical, mental and social health needs of patients while also considering the effects of their environment. Accepting all insurance types, Ready Responders’ model serves as a convenient, fast and affordable solution to reduce overall health costs and deliver more positive health outcomes.

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Hannah Kinard


Hannah Kinard