Launch of Vizru ZEOS

Industry's first operating system to manage stability, performance and deployment of applications across multi-cloud environment


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ZEOS: Why Our Zero-code Environment Will Work for You

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Vizru, Inc. is announcing the launch of Vizru ZEOS, Industry’s first OS for delivering and governing AI applications at-scale.

ZEOS, Zero-code Enterprise Operating System - is a comprehensive backbone for any enterprise looking to implement AI-systems to create new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, or continuously deliver superior customer experience.

With the launch of ZEOS, Vizru has successfully decoupled composition of apps from governance. While Vizru’s zero-code app studio enables business teams to build and launch Minimum Viable Products (MVP) in weeks, without any programming knowledge, ZEOS provides IT a central console to instantly deploy, monitor and scale these applications across multi-cloud environment.

Vizru ZEOS offers three major components that focus on delivery, scale and compliance.

  1. Vizru Guardrail offers micro-versioning, smart provisioning and roll-back options for app development teams. It’s perfect for the remote workforce to design and build applications in a collaborative environment without creating bottlenecks.
  2. Data Journey Monitor offers deep, real-time insights into performance of external and internal services, compliance monitoring, and proactive notifications. By employing a network of stateful bots, Data Journey Monitor can also kickoff tasks based on compelling events it identifies.
  3. Multi-Cloud Deployment manager is a one-click containerization capsule that leverages Kubernetes to enable multi-cloud portability and application management.

Vizru Zero-code Studio combined with ZEOS enables businesses to reduce development cycle by 80%, eliminates decision paralysis and achieve their digital transformation goals at a fraction of the cost. It works over customers’ existing legacy systems allowing them to modernize operations without enduring the cost of replacing legacy infrastructure.

About Vizru, Inc.

Vizru delivers the industry’s first true zero-code modern decisioning and digital transformation platform that allows users to build AI-based business automation apps in minutes, over existing cloud and on-premises. Awarded the top Fintech startup of 2017-18 at CES and named a leading Insurtech startup by Plug and Play, Vizru allows enterprises to develop AI-driven Business Applications that can think, act and complete processes, autonomously without human intervention. Vizru’s applications can be built in weeks, from thought to finish, and can be infinitely extended by business users without any programming knowledge. Designed for Fortune 5000 enterprises and high growth companies, Vizru decentralizes the role of business automation and empowers business users to create, extend and manage business apps on their own; allowing enterprises to pave the way to better decision making and true business transformation. To learn more visit, follow Twitter @Vizru, connect on


Raeven Thomas
(408) 677-8704

Release Summary

Introducing Vizru Zero-code Studio and ZEOS, both combined enable businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals at a fraction of the cost!


Raeven Thomas
(408) 677-8704