Medata Launches LookUp

Consumers and organizations can access accurate and reliable fee schedule, Medicare and reasonable medical rates through a comprehensive, affordable web-based system.

IRVINE, Calif.--()--Medata, a leader in medical cost containment technology, has introduced LookUp, a user-friendly, web-based medical services pricing tool.

“Determining medical prices can be a time-consuming process of researching numerous outdated sources,” said President Tom Herndon. “Where other systems are limited to a single jurisdiction, line of business, or reimbursement value, Medata’s LookUp draws from an extensive data repository dating back to the 1980s to provide all nationwide rates in seconds.”

LookUp accesses over 1 billion medical billings through Medata’s data warehouse that maintains national group health, workers’ compensation, auto liability, and Medicare data. LookUp allows searches by CPT, NDC, HCPCS, ASA, ADA, EAPG, APC, OPPS, DME, and IPPS codes and will soon include Diagnostic Related Grouping (DRG) codes. An easy keyword search finds the required code.

The search results display three values: fee schedule, Medicare, and reasonable rates. Calculating by line of business, procedure code, jurisdiction, and date of service, LookUp instantly delivers accurate pricing values.

“As a practitioner who completes life care plans, medical cost projections, bill reviews and Medicare Set-Asides, using a resource that provides multiple pricing points is essential,” said Janet Parker, RN with MSA Plus, LLC.

To provide access to organizations of all sizes, Medata offers pay-as-you-go pricing starting at $25 for individual users. For multi-user accounts, Medata provides an Enterprise environment with administrative oversight, enhanced service and custom pricing.

“LookUp is the perfect solution for smaller insurance carriers, Medicare Set-Aside companies, life care planners, law offices, nurse case managers, hospitals and doctors’ offices to confirm that costs are appropriate,” said T. Don Theis, Chief Strategic Officer.


A privately held company incorporated in 1975 and based in Irvine, California, Medata specializes in medical cost containment. It develops and owns a comprehensive bill review software that complies with all fee schedule, regulatory, and legislative decisions. Historically, large payers in the group health, workers’ compensation and auto liability industries subscribe to the bill review service. Now smaller payers, attorneys, Medicare Set-Aside companies, and consumers can access its powerful database through LookUp to check medical prices. For more information, please visit or email

*Key to Codes Referenced
CPT – Current Procedural Terminology
NDC – National Drug Code
HCPCS – Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
ASA – American Society of Anesthesiologists
ADA – American Dental Association
EAPG – Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Grouping System
APC – Ambulatory Patient Group
OPPS – Outpatient Prospective Payment System
IPPS – Inpatient Prospective Payment System
DRG – Diagnosis Related Group


Helen King Patterson, King Knight Communications,, 813-690-4787
Tori Henson,, 714-918-1310, ext. 1325

Release Summary

Medata introduces LookUp, a comprehensive pay-as-you-go medical pricing tool.

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Helen King Patterson, King Knight Communications,, 813-690-4787
Tori Henson,, 714-918-1310, ext. 1325