CorporateCARE Solutions Unveils New Backup Care Programs to Support Organizations and their Employees During Nationwide COVID-19 Pandemic


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National Backup Child and Adult Care for Employers - Video

TUCSON, Ariz.--()--CorporateCARE Solutions, a leading provider of high quality Backup Child and Adult Care, today announced a new program to accommodate short-term and emergency family care coverage. As COVID-19 continues to impact employees across the United States, CorporateCARE Solutions is at the front line in supporting essential workers, first responders and our healthcare workers.

Backup Care enables employees experiencing breakdowns in family care to secure a professional caregiver via an easy-to-use platform. Backup Child and Adult Care is needed now more than ever. CorporateCARE Solutions provides national Backup Child and Adult care for employers. Finding quality Backup Care is an employee’s biggest challenge. Partnering with CorporateCARE Solutions helps employees resolve breakdowns in Child and Adult Care efficiently and proactively.

“Traditionally, our offering included a 1-3-5 Year contract option. We are now working with employers to accommodate short term and emergency needs. In order to continue to offer ultimate flexibility, we have implemented 3 and 6-month short term options that are available immediately,” said Sharon Lurtsema, CEO of CorporateCARE Solutions. “CorporateCARE Solutions takes pride in being straightforward, transparent, and extremely user-friendly. The process is seamless and affordable for any size business. We also know one size does not fit all employers. Each contract is tailored to meet the employer’s specific needs.”

Additionally, In response to COVID-19, the company has reduced national pricing for all incoming clients, along with a swift implementation plan, ensure all employers who need Backup Care can get it promptly.

About CorporateCARE Solutions ‘Human Touch’ Platform

The Human Touch powered by advanced award-winning technology. Our comprehensive platform delivers Backup Care quickly, professionally and affordably. You’ll be rewarded with:

  • NO Annual Prepayment and NO minimum utilization requirement
  • Pay-As-You-Go Hourly Billing – only pay when utilizations occurs
  • Mobile app allows employees to submit a CARE Request in less than one minute
  • Notifications sent throughout the staffing process to keep employees informed
  • SHRM® award-winning technology – delivering the fastest fulfillment times in the industry. Liken us to a rideshare app for Backup Care. Get CARE when and where you need it.
  • A comprehensive HR portal with real-time reporting features
  • Call center wait times are virtually non-existent

About CorporateCARE Solutions

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona CorporateCARE Solutions provides nationwide care in the employee’s home, hotel while on a business trip or anywhere in the U.S. their loved ones are located. Additionally, our My Choice care program allows employees to select the caregiver or daycare center of their personal choice. We are dedicated to supporting you and your employee’s needs when it matters most. After all, you are taking care of all of us, and that has not gone unnoticed. CorporateCARE Solutions clients range from small private companies to multi-national publicly-traded companies.


Sharon Lurtsema, CEO
1-844-888-CARE (2273)

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CorporateCARE Solutions Unveils New Backup Care Programs to Support Employers


Sharon Lurtsema, CEO
1-844-888-CARE (2273)