Cool Effect Commends Corporate Action for Earth

In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month, Cool Effect Recognizes Partners Supporting the Journey to 2 Million Tonnes

A local community member at the Jacundá Forest Reserve, a carbon-reducing project supported by Cool Effect that sequesters about 400,000 tonnes of carbon per year, is responsible for helping to safeguard the forest against illegal loggers and deforestation. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Cool Effect, a Bay Area based non-profit focused on fighting the climate crisis, is celebrating Earth Month by recognizing the significance and support from businesses of all sizes, and their role in reducing carbon emissions across the globe.

Since inception in 2015, Cool Effect has inspired individuals and businesses to take action in the fight against the climate crisis, and today the organization is approaching 2 million tonnes of carbon retired. In addition to momentum from Cool Effect’s growing community of over 540,000 supporters, Cool Effect saw a significant increase in inquiries from businesses looking to take action in 2019 alone. No matter the size or impact of a single organization, business leaders are now recognizing the urgent need to prioritize climate change in order to establish a sustainable future for their employees, stakeholders and the planet.

Cool Effect is working with businesses to help them achieve those goals. With three easy steps, Cool Effect provides education and advice on how to minimize climate emissions and footprint what remains. Cool Effect provides options to purchase carbon credits from projects that meet business criteria for mission-driven impact, geographical importance and budget. From there, Cool Effect can help businesses communicate their commitment to carbon neutrality to employees, customers and investors.

“Businesses are working with Cool Effect to meet their sustainability commitments in a variety of ways. Some of the most common include offsetting business operations, event offsets, travel offsets, sustainable product integration, custom employee programs, and full corporate partnerships that include a number of these offerings,” said Cool Effect director of marketing and partnerships Jodi Manning. “As a non-profit and passionate team, we are focused on fighting the climate crisis by reducing carbon. We only offer carbon projects that are additional and scientifically verified. We are completely dedicated to full financial transparency. We do not have any hidden fees and there is no proprietary trading. We do not buy credits at low prices and then sell them at a markup. We want to protect the reputation of our business partners, as well as provide a fair sale price to the projects that work diligently every day to reduce harmful greenhouse gases. Both our clients and projects deserve to know exactly what is being paid for each carbon credit, and clients need to know how the project is using funding to verifiably reduce carbon emissions.”

The variety of partnerships available with Cool Effect, and its focus on making an impact rather than making a profit, have resulted in interest from organizations from a variety of industries. Salesforce - a longtime Cool Effect supporter - is an exemplary partner who completed multiple emission reduction activities prior to exploring offsets. Salesforce became Net Neutral by supporting projects on Cool Effect for the past several years, it matches employee contributions and it works with Cool Effect to offer travel offsets to attendees of major conferences, such as Dreamforce.

Other businesses, large and small, also work with Cool Effect to purchase offsets specifically for travel and events. Twitter works with Cool Effect to offset carbon emissions for regular employee travel and committed to offsetting current emissions of its data centers during its 5-year transition to solar power. A'DAY and Unity 3D also contribute to Cool Effect’s carbon reduction projects to offset corporate mandated travel. From an event perspective, Cool Effect has helped companies like Orrick, Condé Nast and Ensemble Travel Group to calculate emissions related to event specific travel and footprint of events.

Notably, individuals are looking to their employers and businesses they trust to also take action to fight climate change. Most recently, Crunchbase has chosen to offset the carbon footprint of all its employees through Cool Effect and is also offering offsets as an employee benefit and hiring incentive.

Finally, businesses like Dyper and Thistle have identified ways to integrate the purchase of offsets into their offering. Dyper offsets the full diapering lifecycle from manufacturing to shipping and disposal, while Thistle offsets the emissions of internal logistics and delivery operations.

"We're encouraged by the steps taken by each of these leading organizations who are setting the precedent for corporate social responsibility, reputational integrity, and climate action, especially at a time when day-to-day operations are changing dramatically across industries," said Cool Effect co-founder Dee Lawrence. "With continued support from individuals and more recently, an increase in corporate action, we've retired over 1,851,000 tonnes. We expect to hit the 2 million mark very soon."

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and to inspire additional individuals and businesses to take action, Cool Effect is thrilled to commend our partners who continue to support a more sustainable future.

Download a comprehensive guide to carbon offsets here, and learn more about how Cool Effect partners with businesses and organizations at

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Cool Effect is a San Francisco Bay Area 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to reducing carbon emissions around the world by enabling individuals, businesses, organizations and universities to measurably impact climate change by funding the highest quality carbon reduction projects that are verifiably reducing global warming emissions. The organization was founded by Dee and Richard Lawrence on their passionate belief that support of carbon offset projects will create a cumulative effect that will reduce and prevent carbon pollution. Like the Butterfly Effect, The Ripple Effect, and others, a single action can have global impact. To learn more, please visit or follow Cool Effect on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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