MDClone Announces COVID-19-Specific Application, Enabling Healthcare Industry Collaboration and Innovation to Combat Coronavirus with Global Data Network

The MDClone Pandemic Response Package empowers health systems with a data-driven approach to manage COVID-19 populations

BE’ER-SHEVA, Israel--()--MDClone​, a digital health company, announced today the launch of The MDClone Pandemic Response Package. The COVID-19 application is a condensed version of the full-service data management platform. This new package allows healthcare organizations to understand and leverage their own data around COVID-19 in rapid cycles and gives them the ability to compare and collaborate with health systems around the world through the MDClone Global Network.

With this application, healthcare organizations will be able to leverage COVID-19 relevant data to understand performance and engage other like-minded systems, enabling the healthcare community to collaborate on new ideas, apply lessons learned from other organizations around the world, and come together to better understand the virus and its implications. Key features include utilization trends and predictive views for demand and capacity planning, defined care pathway views and analyses to understand performance, and treatment trend lines to find care pathway best-practices.

“We are facing unprecedented times as healthcare providers around the world are looking for effective ways to treat patients with COVID-19, to avoid over-capacity, and to determine how to treat non-COVID-19 patients. In this moment of global crisis, time to insight is critical. We know the normal pace of weeks and months to get answers is not fast enough,” said Ziv Ofek, founder and CEO at MDClone. “As healthcare organizations look for ways to help, they need a fast and flexible way to organize and understand the rapidly changing datasets and find the necessary insights to combat COVID-19. Our vision is that by offering the COVID-19 specific application to the healthcare community, we can come together collaboratively to speed the discovery and global delivery of new insights that will help providers improve performance and outcomes.”

MDClone’s discovery capabilities allow for limitless exploration to find new ways to understand and fight the pandemic. This new application gives organizations a specified query view into their COVID-19 response with pre-built visualizations and an opportunity for real-time expanded exploration to find new therapeutic and management insights. Additionally, MDClone brings the unique ability to allow providers to communicate and compare performance with other organizations within the network of participants in a secure and private synthetic data model.

Some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world, including Israel-based ​Sheba Medical Center​ and many more, have already experienced the limitless possibilities of worldwide collaboration made possible by MDClone and the Global Network.

With MDClone’s streamlined COVID-19 focused application, healthcare organizations are able to answer any number of questions in a matter of minutes. Examples include:

  • Public Health​: Trajectory of tests and results, ILI (influenza-like illness) comparison social determinants, and severity levels
  • Demand/Capacity Planning: ​ICU, equipment and staff resource needs based on disease proliferation
  • Predictions​: Utilization by defined populations to help healthcare systems administer appropriate tests and gauge utilization readiness
  • Disease Management: ​Treatment best practices with focus on presence of underlying conditions, demographics, and available therapeutics
  • Indirect Influence of Coronavirus​: Impact on overall care metrics and standard hospital operations

“As a major healthcare system, we immediately consulted with MDClone to find the most effective way to leverage our data to battle the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center. “The MDClone Pandemic Response Package enables us to share key findings and data in a collaborative environment, providing a more robust understanding of the evolving COVID-19 situation beyond our internal intel. The application is a critical addition to our efforts to help combat Coronavirus and we look forward to seeing how not only Sheba, but all members within the network make an impact globally.”

The application is now open to any and all healthcare organizations looking to make an immediate impact to the COVID-19 pandemic and can be licensed and deployed within weeks through a simple, streamlined implementation process. For more information about The MDClone Pandemic Response Package, visit ​​.

About MDClone

MDClone democratizes data, empowering exploration, discovery and collaboration to improve patients’ health. With MDClone, any user can ask and answer any question in real time. This dramatic paradigm shift is made possible by MDClone’s unique technology for organizing, accessing and protecting the privacy of patient data, enabling healthcare knowledge workers to turn ideas into actionable insights in rapid cycles. Founded in 2016 in Israel, MDClone works with major health systems, payers and life science companies in the U.S., Canada and Israel.


Erin Giegling
Director of Strategic Marketing


Erin Giegling
Director of Strategic Marketing