HelloFresh Announces Plans to Offset 100 Percent of Its Carbon Emissions

Leading Meal Kit Company Partners with Terrapass to Reduce Its Environmental Impact While Helping to Fight Climate Change

HelloFresh Announces Plans to Offset 100 Percent of Its Carbon Emissions (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--In honor of Earth Month, HelloFresh, the leader in delivering delicious ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to households worldwide, announced today that it will offset 100 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions (CO₂) generated from its operations, outbound shipping and corporate travel. Through carbon balancing initiatives and investments that will reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, HelloFresh is taking an industry-leading step towards reducing its environmental impact across all US brands including Green Chef and EveryPlate.

Partnering with terrapass, HelloFresh is engaging an industry leader in the provision of audited and third party-certified U.S.-based carbon offsetting to balance its carbon emissions, starting with the 2020 calendar year. In addition, HelloFresh’s direct-to-consumer business model leverages a streamlined supply chain and more efficient distribution, making its carbon footprint 25% less than meals made from store-bought groceries*, even before offsetting.

“Now more than ever before, people are relying on HelloFresh for fresh food deliveries. We want to take measurable steps to minimize our environmental impact and make meal kits an even more sustainable option for our customers,” said Jeff Yorzyk, Director of Sustainability, HelloFresh. “Our mission to change the way people eat disrupts a broken food system with needless greenhouse gas emissions by cutting out the middleman and drastically reducing food waste. We’re proud to partner with terrapass to offset 100% of our carbon emissions to tip the balance even further.”

The initiative is expected to offset at least 50,000 metric tons of carbon and 24,000 megawatt hours of electricity. HelloFresh will also offer ways for meal kit customers to connect with carbon offsetting projects through terrapass.

“HelloFresh has set an example for others to follow by taking action to address their entire carbon footprint,” said Sam Telleen, Director of Renewable Solutions, terrapass. “They have already achieved impressive carbon reductions in supply chain and operations. Terrapass is excited to help HelloFresh balance their remaining footprint by supporting critical projects that remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.”

The introduction of carbon offsetting underscores HelloFresh’s long-term strategy to lead the industry in sustainable business practices. This includes ongoing commitments to sourcing local ingredients and using only lightweight packaging that is aptly sized for its contents while avoiding heavy or excessively large generic packaging. In addition, HelloFresh uses recyclable packaging whenever possible based on food quality and safety requirements. Leveraging a demand-driven subscription model and advanced analytics to predict customer orders, HelloFresh minimizes food waste throughout its supply chain and then sends only the exact ingredients customers need to make a meal, dramatically reducing at-home food waste when compared with grocery store-bought meals.

For more information on HelloFresh’s sustainability commitments, visit https://www.hellofresh.com/about/sustainability.


HelloFresh SE is the world’s leading meal-kit company and operates in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and France. In 2019, HelloFresh delivered over 280 million meals and reached close to 3 million active customers in the fourth quarter of 2019. HelloFresh was founded in Berlin in November 2011 and went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in November 2017. HelloFresh has offices in New York, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto, Auckland, Paris and Copenhagen.


Terrapass, a member of Just Energy Group, works towards a more sustainable planet by pursuing solutions to climate change. We support projects throughout North America that destroy greenhouse gases, produce renewable energy and restore freshwater ecosystems. Our products and services provide individuals and businesses with the ability to reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities. Terrapass is a registered trade name of Just Energy Resources LLC. Learn more at terrapass.com



Kim Straus, PRUSA@HelloFresh.com


Kim Straus, PRUSA@HelloFresh.com