Renowned Live Event Professionals from the Entertainment Industry Response (EIR) to Provide Emergency Relief Services to Combat COVID-19

 All Access Staging, Gallagher Staging & Production, Go For Site Management, Joe Lewis Company, Inc. and Silent House Productions Join Forces to Support Healthcare Workers on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

LOS ANGELES--()--The Entertainment Industry Response (EIR) is a broad collection of the leading professionals and companies with expertise in entertainment production. We routinely coordinate and execute the manufacture, rental, logistics, transportation, and installation of massive amounts of equipment and temporary structures for events around the world. We are known for our unique ability to do this in record time.

“EIR is a one-stop-shop for state and local government, hospitals, cities or anyone else who might need the services that we can provide. There is a single point of contact per installation that will oversee the project and will coordinate efforts on the ground. EIR will support the healthcare community by providing the temporary infrastructure necessary to their jobs and save lives,” said Baz Halpin of Silent House Productions.

From facilities and services to HVAC and generators, EIR calls for those who want to help in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.

“You most likely have seen our work and know that we in the entertainment industry, have a drive like no other when it comes to making the impossible possible,” said Cynthia Ukas-Bradley, of Go for Site Management.

Featured Services

  • Drive Through Testing: In an effort to provide quicker and safer testing, community members are instructed to stay in their cars while they are ushered through covered lanes in our deployable structures. Signage directs traffic along with barricades to optimize the flow of traffic.
  • Tent Hospitals & Compounds: Our temporary structures provide a safe and sanitary space to serve as an extension of the hospital walls. These buildings can be ready to roll in a moment's notice. With power, lighting, and wifi, they are ready to go and awaiting locally provided medical equipment and needs.
  • Cold Rooms: Large, refrigerated spaces act as temporary morgue extensions. These temperature-controlled rooms are able to be set up indoors or out, alongside generators and cooling equipment.
  • Existing Facility Build-Outs: In addition to standalone structures, we also have solutions to retrofit existing spaces. Do you have an arena or a community center? Use our dynamic wall systems to divide the space while maintaining healthy patient distance and privacy.

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About Entertainment Industry Response (EIR)

The Entertainment Industry Response is a collective of entertainment professionals with resources, supplies, and crew to aid local governments in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

EIR Founders

Tamlyn Wright & Baz Halpin (Silent House Productions) | Cynthia Ukas-Bradley & Gregg Lederman (Go For Site Management) | Joe Lewis (Joe Lewis Company) | Erik Eastland, Clive Forrester & Bob Hughes (All Access Staging) | Joe Gallagher & Joey Gallagher (Gallagher Staging).


Contact for EIR Press: Shondra Kenoly,, (855) 598-3470
Contact for EIR Bookings:, (855) 598-3470


Contact for EIR Press: Shondra Kenoly,, (855) 598-3470
Contact for EIR Bookings:, (855) 598-3470