Cryo Innovations, Inc. Responds to Desperate Call from New York Hospital by Manufacturing Ventilator Hoses to Help Combat COVID-19

Cryosauna manufacturer pivots production to manufacture oxygen hoses for hospital staff in New York City—and around the country— who are desperate to save the lives of individuals battling COVID-19.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--()--On April 4, 2020, Cryo Innovations received an unprecedented request from a hospital over 2,700 miles away—and the urgent plea began with the statement, “I am hoping you may be able to help out my hospital …” As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of cryotherapy machines, Cryo Innovations is often called upon by professional sports and Olympic teams to assist with athletic recovery. But this request was different.

The entire world has watched as New York City has become the epicenter of COVID-19 in America, and hospitals are effectively under siege. New York-Presbyterian Hospital is one of them.

Thinking outside of the box, hospital staff have become creative and resourceful, finding equipment—and pieces of equipment—anywhere they can. Determined to conquer the virus that seeks to ravage their city, New York-Presbyterian Hospital administrators began a telethon of sorts—calling and emailing anyone and any place that could help them get ventilators in working order and into the rooms of patients who need respirators to beat the ‘beast’—as COVID-19 has been dubbed.

Fortunately, on the other end of their email was a ray of hope—a Southern California based Cryotherapy machine manufacturer who uses the exact 02 (oxygen) hoses the New York hospital desperately needs. In less than 24 hours Cryo Innovations had manufactured and shipped the few hoses it had on hand, and immediately began ramping up production of oxygen hoses to supply the New York hospital system with as many hoses as they need.

The world knows that the Coronavirus pandemic has put ventilators and personal protective gear in short supply, but many hospitals are also discovering that they are running out of oxygen hoses—rendering the ventilators useless. In response to this crisis, Cryo Innovations is now producing nearly 100 hoses per day, for distribution in hospitals.

“We are refining our process and we will soon be able to manufacture as many hoses as needed for any hospital in the country,” states Keith Scheinberg, the Founder and CEO of Cryo Innovations. “This is a critical time and people are dying. When our President invoked the Defense Production Act, we wanted to help fight this battle with everything we had. Every industry has to do its part. For us, that means manufacturing oxygen hoses to the hospitals’ specifications and providing them rapidly and at our cost,” says Scheinberg.

“I had no way of anticipating this call. I’m just glad they reached out. Although we’re almost 3,000 miles away, it feels good to know we can be a part of the solution. We’ll beat this … together,” Scheinberg affirms.

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California Cryotherapy Manufacturer Responds to Desperate Call from New York Hospital for Ventilator Hoses to Combat COVID-19

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