Q-nomy Presents a Suite of Solutions to Help Customer Service Operations During the Coronavirus Crisis

Q-nomy’s omnichannel customer journey management solutions address the challenges of providing personal customer service at a time when face-to-face interactions need to be minimized.

MIAMI--()--Q-nomy Inc., a leading global provider of omnichannel customer journey and customer experience optimization solutions, is presenting a full suite of software applications designed to enable personal customer service despite the limitations of social distancing.

Q-nomy’s flagship product Q-Flow® is a robust software platform that handles B2C interactions, customer service scheduling and real-time flow, and back-office processes. The software provides the proven stability alongside a high degree of flexibility, thanks to which the company was able to quickly develop solutions to the emerging needs of the COVID-19 crisis while ensuring the reliability and performance required by large service organizations.

For businesses and government organizations facing the constraints of moderate levels of distancing and isolation, Q-nomy offers two critical tools for reducing congestion in waiting rooms and service centers: scheduling, and digital screening. The first is intended to encourage customers to book appointments and arrive just in time, thus avoiding long waiting and reducing the duration and depth of exposure to potential contagion. Digital screening uses online questionnaires to understand the customer needs and propose alternative methods of interaction, not requiring arrival at a physical service location.

For organizations operating under more strict lockdown conditions, Q-nomy offers a complete digital customer journey management solution. The solution allows service providers to schedule and handle mixed queues of customer requests originating from different interaction channels like video, chat, and so on. In particular, the solution is designed to enable staff used to meeting customers in person in managing video appointments.

“As soon as the Coronavirus crisis started, it was clear to us that service providers will need to maintain customer relations, to avoid a complete disruption of their business,” says Eran Reuveni, Senior VP of Product and Business Strategy at Q-nomy. “We had a task team assembled, and they came up with some brilliant ideas. Some of the solutions were existing components adapted to current needs, and some – like the new chat management tool – developed from scratch. The team did a great job so far, and will continue to work as long as needed to provide more applications for helping small and large organizations at this difficult time.”

Q-nomy’s solutions are now available for immediate implementation to organizations in various verticals, such as banks, healthcare, telecom, education, utility, and government. The software can help a small business struggling to stay in touch with its customers. Still, its scalability makes it just as suitable for governments managing nationwide operations, such as the efforts for handling Coronavirus tests, isolation, and treatment.

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Q-nomy is a leading software vendor providing solutions that optimize true omnichannel digital and physical business processes and customer journeys. Q-nomy helps global businesses and organizations to perform better by streamlining the customer journey in physical and online points of sale, service, and care. Q-nomy has over 1200 installations in five continents in healthcare, government, finance, telco, retail, and education organizations.

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Q-nomy is presenting a suite of software applications designed to enable personal customer service despite the limitations of social distancing.

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Q-nomy Media Contact:
Jackie Forde - jackie.forde@qnomy.com