Propulo Consulting, a Leading Safety & Operations Consulting Firm Offering ProBono Support & Tools for MEDIA & BUSINESS LEADERS, to help navigate the COVID-19 Black Swan Event

DENVER--()--Business leaders are having to rapidly adjust to a new reality: remote work, business recovery, new operating model, cash conservation, decisions that impact the safety and wellbeing of employees and Customers. The COVID-19 Black Swan Event is one of the greatest leadership tests, presenting unprecedented challenges. For businesses to survive and thrive, they will need to rapidly adapt.

Propulo, one of the leading Safety & Operations Strategic Advisories, is dedicating all available capacity to help leaders quickly respond and not charging for any COVID-19 support. It is also rapidly building free online tools and knowledge for leaders. Propulo has committed to not profiting economically from this unprecedented crisis.

Eric Michrowski, President & CEO, an Operations and Safety Guru, is making himself available to provide free resources and tools to the media in order to maximize impact and outreach with themes such as:

  • Ideas to keep employees safe in these challenging times;
  • Strategies to rapidly implement effective remote work;
  • Strategies to maintain focus through turbulent times;
  • Customer Experience strategies in challenging times;
  • Increasing business resiliency;
  • Ensuring business success post crisis;
  • Employee or Customer communication strategies.

These are critical themes that have not gotten enough coverage. Without successful businesses that persevere and re-imagine their operating model, the economy will be facing daunting challenges.

Eric Michrowski is the President & CEO of Propulo Consulting. He is a globally recognized thought leader and guru in Operations Management, Operations Resiliency, Safety Culture, and Customer Experience. A highly sought-after Executive speaker on the global stage, he has been featured on TV, in articles, and Podcasts and has an upcoming ForbesBooks book on Operations Leadership to be published this year. He brings over 25-years hands-on experience across a range of industries.

Propulo is a purpose-driven organization that is on a mission to improve the world of work. While we refuse to profit from this crisis, we recognize that many senior leaders need resources. We don’t profess to have the answers, but we recognize that our expertise can help in these difficult times.

For free tools and resources visit:

For free advice and resources call 1-888-3-PROPULO (1.888.377.6785) or


Vicki Scott,, 250-488-5876


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Propulo Consulting, a Leading Safety & Operations Consulting Firm Offering Support & Tools for MEDIA & BUSINESS LEADERS to help navigate the COVID-19


Vicki Scott,, 250-488-5876