Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recommendations

Online mail-order pharmacy provides insights and recommendations during Coronavirus Pandemic

FLORENCE, Ky.--()--As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we want to take a moment to discuss our business plans and recommendations, as well as address concerns over prescription drug supply and access.

For more information on Coronavirus in the United States, see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

“As a healthcare provider, it is our responsibility to help however we can during this pandemic,” says Joseph Peters, CEO of “As a digital/mail-order pharmacy, we have the unique ability to provide Americans with safe and affordable pharmacy services that allow them to order medication without the restrictions of insurance, while also avoiding unnecessary contact with the general public at traditional pharmacies.”

Supply Chain suppliers have expressed that there has been no critical impact on supply chain. This includes all 8,000 prescription and over-the-counter products we offer.

Most suppliers hold several months of inventory. Even if production decreases, it is still highly unlikely that there will be mass shortages.

As an added security, suppliers fair share allocation practices prevent any one company from stockpiling medication. This not only reduces the risk of shortages, but also acts as a countermeasure to price gouging.

Operations normal business operations protect patients from transmission. This includes limitations on the handling of medications through the use of robotics and automation, and any employee that does handle medication is required to use protective safety equipment (such as gloves and masks). Standard healthcare practices like these are always in place regardless of the Coronavirus or other outbreaks.

Shipping ships through USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Parcel services are working with the various health organizations, WHO, CDC, and the U.S. Public Health Department, to minimize risks associated with the Coronavirus and to reduce any impact on services. There does not appear to be any current restrictions or delays experienced in the United States, but it is safe to assume that some sections of the country may see slower than normal shipping times. Recommendations

“It is critical that Americans prepare rather than panic,” Says Dr. Ross Goetz, Pharmacist at “While there are currently no major concerns of product shortage, we support being proactive by ordering additional medication to last through a local outbreak. If you have questions or concerns about your prescriptions in this time of uncertainty, do not hesitate to call your pharmacy team.”

In terms of your medication, we do have a few considerations for Americans:

  1. Check your current medication supply and make sure you have at least 14 days on hand.
  2. Request an early refill.
  3. Speak to your doctor about ordering a larger quantity of medication.
  4. Consider a Mail-Order Pharmacy service.

For most non-controlled substances, you can legally fill up to a 1-year supply of your medication at one time if the doctor prescribes it. If there is an outbreak in your area, having a larger supply on hand will help you avoid going to public places like the pharmacy.

Some insurance plans won’t cover larger supplies, so we encourage that you check with a cash pharmacy, like Additionally, you’ll receive price breaks as you order larger quantities.

The 66% Rule states that you can refill your medication once you’ve used 66% of your prior fill. As an example, if you order a 90-day supply, then you can get a refill once you’ve used 60 days of that supply. The 66% Rule allows you to order a little early in situations like this where you need your medication earlier than normal.

If you are trying to avoid public contact, because you are sick or there is an outbreak in your area, it’s worth considering a mail-order pharmacy. is licensed and accredited in all 50 states and has provided industry leading service and prices for more than a decade.


Justin Danford, Marketing Director


Justin Danford, Marketing Director