Klick Health: Rapid Response to COVID-19

TORONTO--()--Klick Health has been taking extraordinary precautions to ensure the safety of our team. In keeping with our highest order principle of being people-first, we developed a number of policies, protocols, and guidelines to help ensure the ongoing health and safety of our team members during this rapidly evolving situation.

Situational Background

In late January, we initiated multiple business continuity workstreams, all with the goal of ensuring team preparedness to effectively execute in the event of a prolonged work-from-home scenario. These preparations enabled us to start providing guidance to our team by early February.

We continued to evolve our practices daily but regularly questioned ourselves about whether we are acting too soon or possibly being perceived as over-reacting. Ultimately, we made the decision to lean into our core business principles. That made this decision easy because one of the five principles is to optimize outcomes over optics. We recognized that acting too soon is a reasonable cost relative to the repercussions for moving too late.

Sharing internal policies, protocols & continuity planning to help others

We started to see a pattern last week, when several of our partners at Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, Singularity University, University of Toronto, Boston Children’s Hospital, and other leading health authorities started asking if they could adapt the guidelines for their own use. As an open and transparent organization, we decided to share them, hoping the template would accelerate the response of others working to contain this virus.

We urge all companies to recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a health crisis. For those who are also grappling with how to respond, we can help. We started to transparently publish our guidelines publicly on March 4, with daily updates at https://covid19.klick.com/. We encourage companies to use them as a template for their COVID-19 planning.

Our framework was developed by looking at what has happened in other markets and studying CDC and WHO guidances. We also studied global events, consulted our expert advisors, and adapted to feedback from our team. The culmination of those learnings and changes are captured in the daily updates that we publish.

Our framework was also designed to ensure that our people feel supported and that we all remain connected. To that end:

  • We established a daily company-wide webinar, where we provide updates and answer any questions;
  • We created an internal COVID-19 portal for our team that centralizes all of our guidances, video recordings of daily meetings, role-specific guidance (i.e., safety protocols for facilities, policies for travel prior to pausing all travel); as well as links to an abundance of resources, such as our VPN access;
  • Dedicated Slack channels for work-from-home protocols & COVID-19 updates;
  • Daily training on remote working;
  • Refactoring our new employee onboarding; sharing tips and tricks on how to interview over Zoom, etc.;
  • Real-time responses to our FAQs.

With all of these things in place, we were confident that we had adequately prepared our team and on March 9, we escalated our precautions by asking and encouraging all of our team members to work from home.

Moving Forward

Supporting our Partners

Over the next few days, we will also begin to deploy the training we’ve developed for our clients and partners to help them transition to working remotely as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Through this process, we have been prioritizing the recommendations from the scientific community. Our goal has been very clear: minimize the potential for COVID-19 exposure. In fact, given our culture, we agreed early-on that regardless of the impact on our short-term performance, we needed to analyze credible science for cues on how to ensure the health and wellbeing of our team. We studied what was happening in South Korea and Italy, and we created an advisory group of experts to help shape our response to the varied inputs.

We are trying to encourage and help our partners and other businesses to balance the parallel needs of providing safety protocols for their employees, while also making the necessary preparation for business continuity in a universal remote work scenario. This framework should not replace seeking professional infectious disease experts in building plans.

We will be updating our planning documents regularly and hope we can be of service to the business community who use the plan as a template for their planning during these challenging times.

Leaning into our hacker roots

Next on the list: Leveraging our heritage, digital health capabilities, and the breadth of our ecosystem. With our team safe at home, we are now shifting towards helping efforts to contain the virus with the creative application of data and technology.

We have started to make our team available to active missions requiring relevant expertise, as well as initiating an open-source challenge for digital health solutions to combat the transmission of COVID-19.

We are optimistic that by working together as a global health community, we can all make a difference.

Examples of missions that we’ve embraced:

  1. Supporting the Dock Health implementation of COVID-19 Checklists in collaboration with Dr. Michael Docktor and the Boston Children’s Team
  2. The secondment of some team members in order to support the important data visualization efforts being led by Dr. John Brownstein’s Harvard team working in collaboration with Mapbox to make https://www.healthmap.org/covid-19

Examples of missions that we’re evaluating:

  1. Working in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Kraft and Singularity University to explore the idea of using the sound of cough to coach someone on the likelihood they are battling COVID-19 vs a typical cough. We’re interested in recordings of the COVID cough.
  2. Implementing the “don’t touch my face” app in a setting that enables large teams to challenge each other to compete on who can avoid face touching the longest in live meetings. Perhaps even pushing Zoom and others to implement features through guerilla techniques to get people to tweet at these companies that they should build these features
  3. Functionality that enables a patient diagnosed with COVID-19 to quickly share all their GPS location data in order to expedite tracing (i.e., leveraging Waze, Google Maps, Gyrosco.pe, or other apps)

Announcing a Public Call to Action

Now we are taking things a step further and appealing to the public. We want to help anyone with a needle-moving idea on how to manage and contain COVID-19 using digital health. We can help to bring their idea to life at no cost to them – with public health being the only beneficiary. We encourage them to join us at https://covid19.klick.com.

We know that digital health can be an important component in the fight to contain and manage COVID-19. So, as leaders in digital health, we are applying our cross-disciplinary expertise in data science, behavioral science, medical, software and hardware engineering, and creativity toward designing and rapidly prototyping ideas that might help with the containment of the virus.

We have also reached out to our extensive ecosystem of health systems, infectious disease researchers, regulators, and partners to offer our support to work together to help eradicate this virus.

About Klick Health

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Sheryl Steinberg, VP, Communications
Phone: 416-214-4977 ext. 2412
Email: pr@klick.com

Release Summary

Klick Health today announced a COVID-19 Digital Health Call to Action, inviting the public to submit ideas that can help manage and contain the virus.


Sheryl Steinberg, VP, Communications
Phone: 416-214-4977 ext. 2412
Email: pr@klick.com