ExxonMobil Launches Mobil ServSM Lubrication Management, a First-of-its-Kind Digital Maintenance Management Platform

  • New digital maintenance management platform, developed in cooperation with REDLIST, provides operators with greater productivity and improved workflow management
  • The platform brings multiple data and workstreams into one system, giving operators more control over their data and assets
  • Mobil ServSM Lubrication Management provides companies of all sizes with a cost-effective solution to improve team collaboration and boost operational productivity and profitability

SPRING, Texas--()--ExxonMobil announced today the launch of Mobil ServSM Lubrication Management, a cost-effective digital maintenance management platform that helps operators better organize, automate, and streamline maintenance-related activities, including predictive maintenance task management, lubrication planning, performance tracking, and safety and compliance reporting.

Powered by REDLIST’s proven mobile-ready, cloud-based app, Mobil Serv Lubrication Management brings these multiple work and data streams into one system, providing operators with improved collaboration and productivity and more control over their data and assets. The platform is also easily integrated into operators’ existing computerized maintenance management (CMMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

“Many companies are embracing the Industry 4.0 revolution, but maintenance management programs haven’t been a core area of focus for many of these new technologies – until now,” said Matt Dinslage, Mobil Serv brand and strategy advisor at ExxonMobil. “By combining our understanding of lubrication and machine performance with REDLIST’s proven cloud-based, mobile-ready technology, we’re able to provide operators with a cost-effective solution that helps better manage and improve their maintenance programs, in turn helping them more easily turn insights into action and achieve their ambitions.”

Key Mobil Serv Lubrication Management features include:

  • Platform flexibility and customization: Many CMMS and ERP systems operate in siloed environments, making it difficult for operators to effectively collect and analyze all of their maintenance-related data. Many small companies can’t afford digital solutions, relying instead on manual, paper-driven processes to track performance. This new platform offers a cost-effective solution to both challenges, helping operators of all sizes boost bottom lines.
  • Real-time lubrication recommendations informed by expert insights: By combining equipment performance data with insights from Mobil Serv engineers, the platform will deliver lubrication technology and process recommendations to help improve equipment performance, reduce lubricant consumption, and reduce energy costs. These recommendations will appear in the customer’s lube chart, helping to define maintenance activity needs.
  • Task management tracking and workflow visualization: The platform allows maintenance and production team leads to manage and assign tasks in real time, improving team collaboration, creating more accountability, and enhancing completion and results tracking. The platform also helps visualize workflows, making it easier for team members to prepare for the day ahead, using videos and photos to enhance the complete data set.
  • Capabilities beyond lubrication: The platform also includes broader maintenance-related tools, including production tools, safety and compliance tracking, time tracking, and training resources for key tasks. It also offers the latest cybersecurity protections.

“Partnering with ExxonMobil’s institutional knowledge has enabled us develop a powerful program that offers improved insights, recommendations and training resources,” said John Keller, president of REDLIST. “As a result of rigorous testing in the field, we are confident in offering the proven value of Mobil Serv Lube Management technology to a broader range of customers, delivering a truly best-in-class technology for operators in many sectors.”

A proven platform that is already delivering results in the field

Dozens of companies today have already utilized REDLIST technology. In all cases, customers have seen significant benefits and return on investment.

For example, one company was operating a fleet of electric motors that had a mean time between failures below industry standards – an issue that they weren’t able to identify using their legacy systems. As they introduced this technology and solution they were able to identify the issue of improper greasing practices as the root cause. As a result, they made a simple change in maintenance processes and successfully increased motor life, improving productivity and profitability.

ExxonMobil aims to further advance the platform’s capabilities, including incorporating the company’s Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis platform. This will enhance Mobil Serv customers’ overall experience and provide users with even more opportunity to integrate relevant data, increase productivity and minimize operating costs.

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ExxonMobil announced today the launch of Mobil Serv Lubrication Management, a cost-effective digital maintenance management platform.


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