‘Smart’ Service Delivery: Marubeni and Predii Sign MOU to Apply Predii’s AI Across the Marubeni Ecosystem

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Marubeni Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Predii Inc. to transform service delivery in the automotive and industrial segments.

Marubeni is a major Japanese integrated trading and investment business conglomerate and a growing operator within the automotive industry, with existing holdings in dealerships, parts suppliers and mobile mechanics services, among other automotive investments.

Predii is a leading AI platform and processor of automotive servicing data, extracting insights from unstructured textual and sensor data in order to power digital growth in service delivery through use cases such as guided repair, advanced diagnostics, and intelligent dispatch. Additionally, Predii’s customers no longer lose months labeling, preparing and normalizing data; Predii’s patented technology automates this process out of the box.

With Predii’s patented AI platform, enterprises rapidly receive symptom, failure, repair and other insights at scale, with comparable results to a subject matter expert interpreting servicing data. These prescriptive insights, aggregated across the entire ecosystem, drive efficient “Big Data” transformations in service delivery, improving service marketing, time-to-repair and first-time-fix metrics.

The goals of the MOU include introducing Predii technology within Marubeni’s existing business and business network in order for Marubeni to find and create opportunities within their holdings, and Predii to license their technology and industry expertise for the portfolio companies.

“The Marubeni ecosystem has tremendous opportunity for digital transformation in service delivery, and we are very happy that this partnership will power new business models using our AI platform,” said Predii’s Founder & CEO, Tilak Kasturi. “Together with Marubeni we are looking forward to driving meaningful business outcomes leveraging data assets and AI.”

“We look forward to this mutually complementary relationship with Predii,” said Tsugutoshi Akano, General Manager of Automotive Department, Marubeni Corporation. “Marubeni is always on the lookout for innovative ways to support its portfolio companies, and Predii’s technology is the best processor of service data we have seen in Silicon Valley. Their platform is market proven and deployed across leading global brands, creating augmented analytics solutions from billions of repair jobs. We are excited about this collaboration and its potential to deliver the highest quality of business intelligence for the companies in our portfolio today and in the future!”

About Predii - http://www.predii.com/

Predii is a San Jose, California-based augmented analytics platform powering smart service delivery solutions in the automotive and industrial segments. Predii’s AI has become well known for leveraging unstructured data to transform servicing revenues for major OEMs over the past six years.

About Marubeni - https://www.marubeni.com/en/

Marubeni, a Japanese general trading company, has 130 representative offices in 66 countries. With more than 150 years of activity, (founded in 1858) the company operates in 6 key sectors: food, consumer products, chemical and forest products, energy and metals, power business and plant and transportation, and industrial machinery.


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