BetterUp Launches Identify AI and Coaching Clouds to Deliver Hyper-Personalized Growth and Development at Scale

Proprietary AI and three new Coaching Clouds make employee growth and development hyper-personalized, more effective, and more accessible

SAN FRANCISCO--()--BetterUp, the market leader and pioneer of mobile, personalized coaching for professionals, announced today two new product innovations - Identify AI and Coaching Clouds - to help organizations deliver more effective, hyper-personalized coaching at scale to any employee at any level in the organization.

“Research shows that the most effective growth and development programs are ones that are hyper-personalized to the individual needs of each employee,” said Alexi Robichaux, co-founder and CEO of BetterUp. “According to our data, when employees are offered learning programs tailored to their preferences, they put twice as much effort into learning and development, and experience a 180% increase in job effectiveness. We’re thrilled to be launching Identify AI and Coaching Clouds to help organizations improve the ROI of their L&D investments.”

Identify AI

BetterUp’s new Identify AI is a proprietary AI that delivers hyper-personalized development recipes based on organizational priorities and individual preferences. Identify AI starts by understanding the strategic priorities of a company. It then accurately and efficiently diagnoses the growth and development needs of an organization’s entire employee population by understanding where each person is in their career, their mindsets and behaviors, learning preferences, and their readiness for coaching. Powered by these insights, Identify AI helps organizations determine who the right people are to invest in, and the appropriate dosage and type of coaching needed to best meet their needs. By leveraging integrations with HCM data, Identify AI also precisely locates and flags “peak” coaching opportunities in real-time and delivers customized content and goal setting tools at the right moment, such as when an employee is taking on a big change initiative, when someone is transitioning roles and has an increased scope of responsibility, or when a person is moving locations to a new country.

Coaching Clouds

Because the types of skills and capabilities that employees need to work on vary depending on where they are in their career and what their core responsibilities are, BetterUp is launching three different coaching products - field cloud, professional cloud, and executive cloud.

  • Field Cloud: This cloud is designed for frontline employees, such as customer service agents and retail associates, who are often the face of an organization and interface directly with customers on a daily basis. Coaching focus areas for those in the field cloud include ways to improve empathy, confidence, and creative problem-solving skills to help employees deliver a better customer experience. Field cloud coaches are best suited to work with frontline employees based on their background and expertise in behavior change.
  • Professional Cloud: This cloud is designed for emerging leaders and high potential individual contributors who are working within a corporate office. Coaching focus areas for those in the professional cloud may include motivating teams, how to work effectively on cross-functional teams, and prioritization skills. Professional cloud coaches are certified coaches with deep professional coaching experience and have at least 10 years of prior corporate experience.
  • Executive Cloud: This cloud is designed for senior executives. Coaching focus areas may include corporate strategy, influence skills, and executive presence. Executive cloud coaches have strong corporate senior leadership experience in large organizations combined with extensive coaching experience at the executive level.

Together, Identify AI and Coaching Clouds further enhance BetterUp’s comprehensive People Experience Platform, allowing BetterUp to offer hyper-personalized growth and development programs at scale to employees at all levels. BetterUp is announcing the new products today at Uplift, BetterUp’s annual customer conference.

About BetterUp

Founded in 2013, BetterUp is a pioneer in mobile-based, professional coaching. With a network of around 2,000 coaches, BetterUp offers 1:1 coaching at scale in over 30 languages across 66 countries, immersive learning with over 2,000 pieces of content, and analytics and insights to monitor the progress that employees are making. A leadership development platform used by leading Fortune 1000 companies, BetterUp drives transformational and lasting behavior change within employees, resulting in improved business outcomes across organizations globally. With BetterUp’s hyper-personalized coaching, companies have experienced a 45% increase in employee productivity, a 63% increase in retention, a 35% increase in organizational agility, and a 29% increase in employee engagement. BetterUp inspires professionals to pursue their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion. To learn more, visit


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for BetterUp
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