Collective 54 Announces Their 2020 Founding Members

Ten Inspirational Founders, Owners and CEOs in the Professional Services Sector Join Collective 54

DALLAS--()--Collective 54, the premier national peer advisory network dedicated to accelerating the success of professional services business owners, is pleased to announce the 2020 Founding Members, all distinguished leaders of well-respected professional services firms that bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Collective 54.

The 2020 Founding Members for Collective 54 include: Asokan Ashok, Founder and CEO of UnfoldLabs; Brenda Hurtado, President and COO of The Point Group; Denise Lambertson, Co-Founder and CEO of LMS; Doug Alexander, CEO of Focus Technology; Joe Terry, CEO of MarketingProfs and CEO of VantagePoint Performance; Kevin Gray, CEO of Veracity Capital; Matt Sharrers, CEO of Sales Benchmark Index (SBI); Sam Bretzfield, Founder and CEO of bGlobal; Sanjay Jupudi, Founder and President of Qentelli; and Shiva Shenoy, Co-Founder and CEO of CXC Solutions.

The Founding Members further Collective 54’s mission to accelerate the success of members, enabling them to grow, scale and exit their firms. Collective 54 members receive advice from these seasoned CEOs who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. The Founding Members provide actionable advice and real answers, on demand, helping Collective 54 members make the right decisions on the issues that matter most to an owner of a professional services firm.

“I am pleased to welcome our new 2020 class of Founding Members to Collective 54,” said Linda Fisk, CEO of Collective 54. “These accomplished and inspiring leaders will help equip our members to overcome every new challenge and reach ever-higher levels of success. Our Founding Members help Collective 54 members by trading advice, solving problems, overcoming challenges and elevating every aspect of their operations. The relationships that members develop with Founding Members through Collective 54 will be invaluable to their ultimate success.”

The Founding Members are comprised of owners, founders and leaders across the spectrum of the professional services sector. The Founding Members provide counsel and guidance to members on today’s most important issues and topics that impact professional services owners.

“When you join Collective 54, you join a national network of owners and founders, just like you, at professional services firms like yours, with problems and opportunities like yours,” said Greg Alexander, Founder of Collective 54. “Members receive access to valuable insight, candid conversations, tailored solutions, templates and resources designed specifically for professional services firms. These are confidential conversations and valuable resources you can’t find anywhere else.”

About Collective 54

Collective 54 is a national peer-advisory network of professional services firm owners connected through the shared mission of growing, scaling and effectively exiting their firms. Collective 54 provides priceless insight and effective solutions through proprietary resources all designed to accelerate the success of our members. Through confidential conversations and proprietary diagnostics, Collective 54 provides the fastest way to get actionable advice and real answers tailored to a professional services firm’s challenges and business goals. For more information, visit


Drew Larson


Drew Larson