Precise Equipment Company® Creates New Industry Standard With Launch of UL- cUL Certified X-Treme Product Series

New Line of Gas Manifold Systems Obtains UL and cUL Certifications

DENTON, Texas--()--Precise Equipment Company® (PEC), developers of the industry’s first patented fully automatic switchover manifold possessing the capability to utilize both liquid and cylinder gas supplies interchangeably, today announces the launch of its X-Treme Product Series – a line that has obtained UL and cUL certifications – creating a new industry standard in gas manifolds.

Carefully designed to maximize gas management control, the X-Treme Product Series provides 24/7 telemetry monitoring capabilities, making it the safest, quickest and most precise solution on the market.

“We are excited about the launch of the X-Treme Series,” said Dennis Daugherty, President of PEC. “The X-Treme Series brings together an enhanced ease of use and infrastructures to generate significant value for users worldwide. This new line will not only showcase our patented manifold technology that allows both liquid and high-pressure gas supplies to be utilized interchangeably throughout the lifetime of the product, it will also deliver a collection of data points and alarms to allow users to better monitor and control their gas delivery system.”

Key features of the X-Treme Series include the following:

UL / cUL Certification
The X-Treme Series has a UL / cUL listing (file E485978) along with the standard UL / cUL listing. PEC also has the international CB report to easily meet other international standards

The System Uses Any Gas Source
Our system will never be obsolete based on changing needs of the gas supply – it can be used with:

  • High pressure | High pressure cylinders
  • High pressure cylinders | Low pressure (Dewers) (Right or left bank)
  • Low pressure | Low pressure (Dewers)
  • Combination of bulk tank supply | High pressure cylinders

Leak Detection
Our leak detection system alerts users to potential problems before it becomes a crisis, allowing maintenance to be done on a scheduled timeframe as opposed to dealing with an issue on an emergency / critical basis.

This feature is also important for critical applications as it informs users of the integrity of the primary and standby reserve supply.

24/7 Telemetry Monitoring System

A comprehensive system is offered at no extra cost to every user, featuring:

  • Ethernet ready with WIFI capabilities that continuously monitors & automatically reports to the online database
  • Control unit easy to use dashboard(s)
  • Push notifications sent via text or email as abnormalities occur
  • Data logs for items such as inlet and delivery pressure, economizer status, cylinder bank configuration and more

Gas Economizer / Gas Saver
The PEC electronic economizer system detects an increase in the stand-by low-pressure bank and will temporarily enable the stand-by bank to be active. This operation allows the excessive pressure to be directed for use and not lost, as well as prevents the loss of gas supply by the automatic release of excessive pressure of the standby supply bank.

Secured controller
Using a one-way communication system, the X-Treme Manifold Control® prevents any possible phishing attacks, ensuring that user settings and passwords are protected.

For a full list of features that come with the X-Treme Series, visit

”We are proud to be the first and only company to provide UL / cUL certified fully automatic gas manifolds,” said Ryan Daugherty, Technical Sales Manager. “Since PEC was founded in 2001, based on our company philosophy of ‘Selling Solutions,’ we have received tremendous response from a variety of manufacturers, large and small, from all over the world. With the unveiling of the X-Treme Product Series, we are providing the market a fully comprehensive gas manifold system with the flexibility to customize product designs for unique applications, as well as access to industry leading expertise for the user application.”

PEC manufactures gas control manifold systems and accessories for the medical, specialty gas, and industrial markets. Our products include simplex, duplex, pressure differential, and fully automatic manifold systems, gas blenders/mixers, station drops, headers of all shapes and sizes, flashback arresters, relief valves, remote alarms, telemetry options, flow meters, pressure switches and more. PEC also offers Mighty Pipe® and fittings to complete many gas pipeline applications.

Mighty Pipe® is a five-layer composite pipe (HDPE-AL-HDPE) designed specifically for the delivery of compressed gasses in both industrial and specialty gas applications. Mighty Pipe’s aluminum core provides both strength and flexibility, while its layers of durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic offers maximum protection in even the most extreme manufacturing environments.

About Precise Equipment Company® (PEC)
Precise Equipment Company® is a leading manufacturer of gas control manifold systems and gas manifold accessories. Founded in 2001, PEC made its mark immediately by developing the industry’s first patented automatic switchover manifold possessing the capability to utilize both liquid and cylinder gas supplies interchangeably.


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Precise Equipment Company® Creates New Industry Standard With Launch of UL- cUL Certified X-Treme Product Series


Narciso Tovar
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(214) 725-4631