Verve Coffee Expands Ready-to-Drink Nitro Flash Brew Coffee Line

Third Wave Coffee Pioneers Introduce Single Origin and Decaf Flash Brew, Ready-To-Drink Coffee

Nitro Flash Brew Coffee From Verve Coffee Roasters (Photo: Business Wire)

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.--()--Verve Coffee Roasters, a Santa Cruz-based specialty coffee company that produces the world’s highest quality craft coffee, has expanded its ready-to-drink Nitro Flash Brew Coffee line with Single Origin and is one of the first to market a Decaf offering. Verve created these flavors in response to the successful launch of Nitro Flash Brew Coffee, the brand’s first ever ready-to-drink canned beverage, introduced at the end of 2018.

Furthering its stake in the ready-to-drink (RTD) category, these new offerings were created for coffee aficionados living an on-the-go lifestyle. Verve’s philosophy is that cold, RTD coffee beverages should be made with the same precision, quality ingredients and intricate techniques as the craft coffee served in its cafes. Verve’s expanded Flash Brew line includes:

  • Single Origin: Verve’s Single Origin Flash Brew offering will start with the limited edition Ethiopia Sakaro, boasting vibrant notes of lime, black cherry, and florals. It is for the coffee fans who are committed to every cup of coffee being a flavor journey with a specific origin connection.
  • Vancouver Decaf: One of the few decaf canned coffee beverages on the market, Vancouver Decaf Flash Brew is meant for the cold coffee lover looking for a coffee experience focused on the sheer enjoyment of the taste. Decadent chocolate notes combined with caramel sweetness create a honey-like mouthfeel.
  • The Original: As the first company to bring ready-to-drink Flash Brew to market in 2018, Verve uses Natural Ethiopia beans from Guji and Washed Columbia beans from Cauca, to create a fruit-forward brew that balances sweetness and acidity for daily coffee drinkers. It was created for consumers who value quality and excellence while still accommodating their on-the-go schedules.

“After the success of our Original Flash Brew, we are excited to expand the product line with different coffees and flavor profiles from around the world,” said Colby Barr, co-founder of Verve Coffee. “With this launch, we listened to our customers and partners to deliver an entire family of ready-to-drink coffees that are brewed the way we believe cold coffee should be made - packed with flavor.”

Verve’s Nitro Flash Brew is made using a unique brewing technique and starts with Verve’s finest directly-traded coffee. After precise extraction through a proprietary hot brewing process in an oxygen-free environment with state-of-the-art craft brewing equipment, it is flash chilled and infused with nitrogen, which removes any remaining oxygen. The result is a clean, vibrant and silky brew that is distinctively different than classic cold brew, which can often taste stale, flavorless or overly bitter.

“Whether it’s discovering new growers and origins, experimenting with new brewing techniques or reinventing on-the-go coffee, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate the craft coffee experience,” said Ryan O’Donovan, co-founder of Verve Coffee. “Today’s coffee drinkers are more curious and knowledgeable, and they care more about where their food and drinks come from. Ready-to-drink coffee products should be held to the same standards, using only high quality, clean ingredients and crafted with care.”

Verve’s expanded Flash Brew line is available for purchase with an MSRP of $3.99 in all Verve café locations in Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Palo Alto and San Francisco, as well as online at Verve’s Flash Brew line will also be available in select retailers, including Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres, Mother’s Market, Mollie Stone’s, Draeger's and Shake Shack's Bay Area locations.

About Verve Coffee

Founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, Verve fuses craft, culture and communities behind the finest coffee. Verve has locations in cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Tokyo. The company sources and roasts the most unique coffees from around the world, and actively participates in the entire supply chain from Farmlevel to Streetlevel. Verve’s focus is to bring the best quality, service, and atmosphere in every customer interaction, while incentivizing those at Farmlevel to consistently produce the highest quality coffee beans globally. The company operates exclusively in the specialty coffee market, selecting from only the top 1% of all coffees around the world. As the company has grown in popularity and size, Verve has proudly stayed independent, and still roasts coffee in small batches. For more information about Verve, please visit


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Kelly Kenney, Allison + Partners | 415.277.4924