Phibro Animal Health Corporation Introduces OmniGenPro

Nutritional Specialty Product Helps Dairy Cows Be Healthy and Stay Healthy

TEANECK, N.J.--()--In today’s challenging dairy market, the overall health of the dairy herd is more critical than ever to the dairy producer’s bottom line. Phibro Animal Health Corporation’s new nutritional specialty product, OmniGenPro, increases dairy profit potential by supporting immune competence, optimizing rumen health and helping cows be and stay healthy.

OmniGen Pro nutritional specialty product includes a combination of all-natural silicates and yeast components, scientifically evaluated and selected by Phibro for specific biological activity that supports immune competence. It also includes functional metabolites and essential precursors, created from exclusive fermentation technologies to support ruminal and intestinal microbiomes. Improving the overall health of your cows can mean improved dairy profitability through increased income and reduced costs. Including OmniGen Pro in dairy cows’ rations supports immune competence, which can lead to fewer infectious and metabolic diseases in your herd — so both your cows and your bottom line can be healthy and stay healthy.

“In the new dairy normal, it’s especially critical to optimize cow productivity,” says Paulo Rezende Napier, Marketing Director, Phibro Animal Health Corporation. “Adding OmniGen Pro to a dairy cow’s diet helps maintain immune competency, with expected improvement in nutrient metabolism through optimal ruminal fermentation and by maintaining gastrointestinal tract integrity.”

Incorporating OmniGen Pro into dairy cows’ diets can help maintain immune competency, which can improve profitability by helping producers:

  • Increase milk and component yield per cow
  • Improve milk value and increase percentage of fat and protein
  • Decrease discarded milk
  • Reduce somatic cell counts
  • Reduce medicine, labor and veterinary costs and other treatment expenses
  • Reduce reproductive expenses (hormones, semen, labor and veterinary)
  • Reduce replacement costs associated with involuntary culls

OmniGen Pro is composed of selectively sourced ingredients, including all-natural silicates, yeast components and other ingredients. Phibro’s formulation expertise and rigorous Dynamic Quality Assurance® program support OmniGen Pro and all OmniGen products.

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Nancy Hallahan

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Nutritional specialty product helps dairy cows be healthy and stay healthy. Phibro Animal Health Corporation introduces Omnigen Pro.


Nancy Hallahan