Startup H24US Announces Innovative Hydrogen Separation Technology

Company introduces lower cost method for hydrogen production accelerating the Hydrogen Economy

CAMARILLO, Calif.--()--H24US Corp. today revealed that it is developing a new process which enhances hydrogen separation through an advanced membrane technology. The Company believes this disruptive technology is a key enabler to boost the Hydrogen Economy Roadmap (1).

Company President Mike Rocke stated that, “The new technology has created a cost-effective solution for selecting hydrogen out of gas mixtures that are produced from multiple sources. The H24US process does not use large quantities of expensive precious metals in its manufacture. This technology is a key to overcoming certain cost issues moving towards acceptance of hydrogen as the future of clean, zero carbon energy.”

CEO Charity Cheiky has highlighted the evolution of the H24US technology stating, “In this case we are demonstrating disruptive innovation by re-purposing and enhancing an earlier technology.”

The global hydrogen energy storage market is projected to reach USD 18.2 billion by 2024 from an estimated USD 13.7 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period. There is an increase in demand for hydrogen in the chemical industry and for hydrogen in stationary, portable power, and fuel for current model fuel cell vehicles. (2)

For over 50 years, hydrogen has been safely produced, transported and used by many industries with established best practices. People are surprised to learn that hydrogen is both the cleanest fuel available, and even safer than other flammable fuels such as gasoline. (3)

In January 2020, the California Energy Commission targeted 100% climate friendly energy by 2045. Because storing hydrogen in gas form is an easy, cost-effective path to a carbon free footprint, the H24US technology will help drive this energy segment, which held the major market share for hydrogen energy in 2018. (2)

The company is currently looking for additional people to support this new technology and the investment needed to build out the company’s hydrogen production infrastructure.

Founded in late 2019, H24US is a spin-out from the Global FFT incubator, a company that develops clean energy technology to support the global de-carbonization roadmap. More information about H24US can be found at

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Release Summary

H24US is showing a new process for hydrogen separation with advanced membrane technology for use in stationary, portable power, and fuel cell vehicles


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