Yelp’s New Products Help Measure Advertising Success and Consumer Behaviors and Underscore Its Commitment to National and Multi-Location Businesses

Store Visits and Showcase Ads with new video format enable businesses to reach Yelp’s engaged audience, drive leads and better understand consumer behavior and geographic trends

LaserAway uses new video Showcase Ads to drive additional customers to their business (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Yelp Inc. (NYSE:YELP), the company that connects people with great local businesses, today announced the official release of two new products that help businesses with multiple locations better reach and understand consumers at every phase of the purchase cycle. Yelp introduced Yelp Store Visits (YSV) to measure how online activity on Yelp drives physical store foot traffic, and launched Showcase Ads, a new video-centric format that allows national marketers to feature in-season promotions and to tell their brand story more effectively. Yelp’s new enterprise advertising products provide brands with greater control over how they promote their business on Yelp, and a more effective way to measure what resonates with their audiences. The new products have been piloted by Denny’s and other Fortune 500 brands.

Yelp introduced these new products to address the specific pain points of national and multi-location businesses that are looking to better tell their story to Yelp’s high-intent audience. Yelp Showcase Ads provides a canvas for brands to promote offerings to potential customers who are looking for a business like theirs. Yelp Store Visits gives clients the confidence that Yelp’s advertising products are delivering real in-store value. Yelp continues to partner with brands, both large and small, to give them more engaging ad formats, including video, which was the most recent addition prior to launch.

“National and multi-location brands are looking for sophisticated products to help them drive ad performance, demonstrate ROI on their campaigns, and better tell their story in an increasingly noisy digital landscape,” said Tom Foran, Yelp’s senior vice president of national sales. “Brand advertisers appreciate Yelp’s ability to help them reach high-intent consumers with relevant and effective content. These new products represent our commitment to building advertising solutions that generate real results for our brand partners. By utilizing Showcase Ads and measuring the results with Store Visits, brands are able to target their new or seasonal product offerings to a hyper-local audience and know the impact of their marketing campaigns on driving consumers into stores.”

Ahead of the official launch, Yelp ran a successful pilot program with Denny’s, with the help of their media agency, Spark Foundry.

“We are always looking for new ways to reach our consumers and, given Yelp’s dominance in the industry, we sought a partnership to help us drive more customers to our restaurants,” said Erik Jensen, vice president of brand engagement, Denny’s. “We’ve been working with Yelp since 2015, but decided we wanted to take things to the next level when we learned about Yelp Store Visits. YSV has helped us to truly understand the impact of our ad dollars and ensure we’re leveraging the right strategy. We look forward to continuing our partnership in 2020 and uncovering even more valuable ways to attract more customers to Denny's.”

Addressing Enterprise Advertisers’ Unique Needs

Yelp is continuing its commitment to innovating on new advertising products for multi-location brands:

  • Yelp Store Visits: Available to multi-location advertisers, Yelp Store Visits is a first-party attribution tool that allows businesses to better understand the impact of their ads. Through opt-in location information at scale, and other signals that users provide when engaging with Yelp, clients can more easily measure the extent to which Yelp ads are driving customers into their stores. Yelp Store Visits determines the cost-per-visit attributable to Yelp advertising and enables clients to better calculate their return on ad spend.
  • Showcase Ads: Showcase Ads gives national and multi-location regional businesses an effective way to promote their special or limited-time offers to high-intent consumers on Yelp. Showcase Ads are also available with video capabilities.

This latest release of new advertising products demonstrates Yelp’s continued commitment to innovating on products that bring more value and address the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, across different categories. In addition to these new advertising products for multi-location and national businesses, Yelp released new products to provide smaller businesses with greater control over how they promote themselves to potential customers who are looking for a business like theirs, including Business Highlights, Yelp Verified License, and Portfolio.

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Jackie Berte


Jackie Berte