Quantum New Energy, a Houston-Based Energy Technology Company, is Announcing the Launch of EnerWisely, a Sustainability Platform to Optimize Energy Consumption

HOUSTON--()--Quantum New Energy announces the launch of EnerWisely™, a science-based sustainability platform to optimize energy consumption. EnerWisely turns consumption data into smart energy choices that reduce costs and cut carbon emissions. EnerWisely is initially available in Texas’ deregulated electricity areas; however, the company is working on expanding nationally and internationally.

Energy is part of most of the things we do in our daily lives. As a result, the advancement of human prosperity and the use of power go hand in hand. A sustainable future requires a better-optimized consumption. In the end, it is our consumption that drives the demand for energy and its subsequent effect on the planet.

However, when it comes to energy, most people only think about their bills; and are unaware of the hidden factors contributing to high costs, carbon emissions, and the overall impact on the planet. A big part of this challenge is that as a society, we have lacked the tools to understand our energy consumption and its environmental impact. Without this fundamental knowledge and the means to act, committed societal action to reduce emissions is not possible.

In this context, Quantum New Energy developed EnerWisely, a sustainability platform for people, everyday energy consumers. EnerWisely is easy to use and takes advantage of the existing smart meter infrastructure to access energy consumption data, so there is no investment in new devices. The platform is compliant with DataGuard, the U.S. Department of Energy standard for energy data privacy.

The EnerWisely platform is bilingual in English and Spanish and includes two services: Energy FingerPrintTM and Energy MatchMakerTM. Both services support customers' progress towards their energy goals with continuous monitoring and periodic progress reports.

  • Energy FingerPrintTM, is a personalized energy analysis that displays consumption trends and calculates electricity leaks. Additionally, it calculates the carbon emissions and recommends actions to offset it. Finally, it can evaluate consumption efficiency. This comprehensive assessment is essential and provides an actionable plan to turn aspirations into tangible results.
  • Energy MatchMakerTM is a fully unbiased smart selection tool for electricity plans. It calculates the matching score between each energy plan and the customer's personalized Energy FingerPrintTM and their matching criteria. This leads to selections that fit customers’ goals, and greater satisfaction.

EnerWisely services are available to Texas Households through www.EnerWisely.com. The company also offers a set of enterprise solutions for those who aspire to move faster and go further in building a sustainable future:

  • EnerWisely helps Smart Cities to engage citizens to address energy poverty issues and achieve carbon reduction goals.
  • Corporations can use EnerWisely and its carbon accounting capabilities to engage employees in expanding their sustainability and carbon reduction strategies.
  • Electricity providers can join EnerWisely's marketplace and use its patented workflows and algorithms as a white-labeled solution to deepen customer relationships.

About Quantum New Energy

Quantum New Energy is a Houston-based technology company founded by energy industry veterans. We are on a mission to empower everyone with personalized energy intelligence to make Smart Energy Choices that save energy, reduce costs, and cut carbon emissions. Texas households in deregulated electricity areas can obtain their free personalized Energy FingerPrint and begin their Smart Energy Choices journey visiting www.EnerWisely.com. To learn more about the company, visit www.QuantumNewEnergy.com.


If interested in enterprise solutions, for media and general inquiries, write to Patricia Vega at Contact@QuantumNewEnergy.com.


Release Summary

Quantum New Energy, a Houston-based technology company, announces the launch of EnerWisely, a sustainability platform to optimize energy consumption.


If interested in enterprise solutions, for media and general inquiries, write to Patricia Vega at Contact@QuantumNewEnergy.com.