DMscore™ National Study of 54,000 Dental Practices Finds Poor Use of Yelp & Google in Marketing

One Third of Dental Practices Today Not Found in Local Search Results

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--New research released today through DMscore indicates significant performance gaps in digital marketing execution for dental practices, despite billions of dollars in marketing spend. Digital continues to be under-utilized throughout SMB professional marketing channels, including paid search advertising (Google Adwords), directory presence (Yelp) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - because of local “dynamic complexity.”

What is a DMscore?

DMscore collects local data, analyzes and validates digital marketing efforts nationwide for dental practices and other professional SMB segments. This creates a big-data driven DMscore, with actionable recommendations to improve. Additionally, DMscore highlights geographic trends--such as most and least competitive areas. For the dental market, DMscore has scored over 54,000 dental practices in the United States, and has published a report available to the public.

“Our mission is to make the DMscore as understandable as the FICO Score,” says CEO Rand Schulman. “We are analyzing nationwide data sets of millions of professional SMB’s, and today see the professional marketing trend fast moving to online-spend. We expect to accelerate this with our objective DMscore and partner network.”

“DMscores change relative to the dynamic complexity of a local market segment,” notes Schulman, “so the practice can monitor, track and improve their score, relative to their competition.”

Too Few Dentists Focus on Business Drivers

The recent DMscore study reveals that too few dentists optimize their practice’s marketing efforts:

-Nationwide, 71% of dentists have a Yelp profile, but 20% of these profiles are “unclaimed” by the practice itself. Businesses that claim their own profiles can exert more control over the way their business is perceived.

-Over 33% of dental sites had poor organic search results, resulting in lower visibility and business loss. Their highest ranking in a Google search was not better than 20th.

DMscore Technology

DMscore provides a FICO®-like score for professionals in the United States.

“The DMscore platform is the first technology in the market allowing professionals to see how well their own digital marketing is performing vs. their local competition,” says Samuel Araki, CEO of ElementIQ a Premier DMscore partner. “This results in more productive interactions with our clients about digital marketing.”

DMscore will soon be adding several professional vertical markets, including doctors, lawyers, medi-spas, optometrists, and other professionals competing for local business.

The study was conducted in December 2019, based on data collected over the prior two years.

About DMscore

Based in Palo Alto and built by a team of digital analytics pioneers, DMscore™ creates accountability and efficiency in a market by matching thousands of the best Digital Agencies looking for SMB clients, with millions of professionals looking for results. The DMscore network of Preferred Providers™ are the best in the industry at what they do. DMscore is a Solutionreach Partner. To learn more, visit DMscore.


Rand Schulman

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DMscore™ National Study of 54,000 Dental Practices Finds Poor Use of Yelp & Google in Marketing


Rand Schulman