Sengled Makes Smart Lighting More Stylish and Accessible with New Announcements at CES

Sengled unveils new range of smart light bulbs and features at CES including a stunning new Smart LED Edison Filament Bulb

Sengled Smart LED Edison Filament Bulb (Photo: Business Wire)

LAS VEGAS--()--Today at CES Unveiled, smart lighting company Sengled announced new additions to its smart lighting range, including a LED Edison Filament Bulb. The new lineup adds fresh form factors as well as significant enhancements to the innovative software that powers it all.

The new Edison Filament Bulb adds vintage style to Sengled’s lineup; an attractive new option for consumers. The Smart LED light is a clear bulb with the filament visible at a 2100K color temperature, providing stylish looks and a cozy golden glow to every home.

In addition, candle light bulbs have been added to Sengled’s portfolio with 16 million colors to choose from. The Smart LED E12 Candle Light Bulbs are designed to fit in chandeliers, ceiling fans and night lights to name a few. With the breadth of color range available, the new bulbs are perfect for setting the scene for holiday events and special occasions.

Sengled is also adding Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring to its lineup, converting traditional lamps and home appliances into smart devices. The plug monitors energy consumption of your plugged-in devices allowing closer energy management. Furthermore, the plug can be turned on and off remotely via the app – perfect for scheduling when out of the house for added security.

The unveiling of the new bulbs and plug is coupled with significant enhancements to the brains of the system, the 3rd Gen Sengled Smart Hub. The hub now supports Apple’s HomeKit, which enables consumers to use Siri to control their smart devices; this update is in addition to the existing support of Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, the new hub enables users to connect to over 64 smart lights and accessories and supports Zigbee 3.0.

Additional feature enhancements include:

  • New Light Effects: Six new effects will be added to the Sengled Home app, that allow owners of the Smart LED Multicolor bulbs to showcase fun and style. New effects include Festival, Christmas, Color Cycle and more.
  • Google Local Home: Sengled’s smart Wi-Fi LED bulb equipped with Google Local Home SDK can now be controlled by Google Home devices through a local network– working with and without internet.
  • Simplified connection: Seamless setup of Sengled LED bulbs through Amazon Alexa devices, that includes immediate connection as soon as the device is powered on.
  • Account Linking: The Sengled app will allow third party link capability, linking Sengled devices to Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT accounts within the app versus opening multiple apps.
  • Scheduling additions: Additions to the scheduling options include a dusk to dawn setting, geofencing that allows the smart bulbs to turn on automatically when the owner comes home and Vacation Mode, which turns bulbs on and off randomly at night while owners are traveling.

Sengled CEO, Johnson Shen stated about the announcements, “Our new products and features demonstrate our commitment to our customers, to help them grow with our ecosystem and to get more out of our products,” said Shen. “We are making our products more accessible to our customers by making setup easier, by offering features that are not only fun but also useful, and by creating products that fit in with your style. From giving you peace of mind while on vacation, to using voice assistants like Siri to control your lights, to adding a cool trendy feel to your home, our products make it easy for someone buying their first smart lights, and are yet powerful enough for a seasoned technologist.”

Availability and pricing:

  • The Sengled Smart LED Edison Filament Bulb, 2pk, MSRP $29.99
  • The Sengled Smart LED E12 Candle Light Bulbs, MSRP $24.99
  • The Sengled Smart Hub, MSRP $29.99
  • The Sengled Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, MSRP $19.99

About Sengled:

Sengled is a multinational organization with an unwavering commitment to continuously push the limits of what is possible with a light bulb. Driven to transform lighting from a basic need to a personal experience, Sengled’s premier range of products empowers people to build and control connected, playful and secure spaces. With innovative, economical lighting solutions, Sengled strives to continuously redefine modern lighting and show that you can do more with light.


Debra Hole / Maya Vega

Release Summary

Today at CES Unveiled, smart lighting company Sengled announced new additions to its smart lighting range


Debra Hole / Maya Vega