NanoSurface Biomedical to Present at Biotech Showcase 2020

SEATTLE--()--NanoSurface Biomedical, a leading provider of biomimetic cell-based assay products and services, announced today that its Chief Science Officer, Dr. Nicholas Geisse, will present at Biotech Showcase 2020 held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square in San Francisco. The presentation is scheduled for the second day of the event on Tuesday, January 14th. More details below:

Event: Biotech Showcase 2020

Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Time: 4:45 PM PT

Location: Hilton San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco

Track: Franciscan B (Ballroom Level)

Dr. Geisse will present NanoSurface Biomedical’s mission to engineer predictive stem cell-derived tissues to accelerate the development of new medicines. NanoSurface Plates™ possess biomimetic submicronic topography features that reliably emulate the alignment of the extracellular matrix, resulting in more physiologically relevant cells and tissues.

NanoSurface Platform Technology™ is particularly effective in increasing the predictivity and maturity of human stem cell-derived heart tissues. By incorporating more predictive human heart tissue models earlier in the preclinical drug development process, drug developers are able to more accurately eliminate preliminary therapeutics that are likely to fail in the more costly clinical trials, saving valuable time and resources, and enhance their ability to discover more safe and effective therapies.

“At NanoSurface, we strive to make cells in the dish resemble cells in the body,” said Dr. Geisse. “NanoSurface Platform Technology™ grants researchers access to human-relevant data earlier in the drug development paradigm, improving confidence that new therapeutics will translate to the clinic.”

About NanoSurface Biomedical

NanoSurface Biomedical is a biotechnology company based in Seattle, WA that develops biomimetic technologies to enhance cell-based assays and accelerate drug development. NanoSurface was founded in 2015.


NanoSurface Biomedical
Director of Sales & Marketing: Heejoon Choi, 800-913-4403 x702

Release Summary

NanoSurface Biomedical will present at Biotech Showcase 2020 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square) on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 4:45 PM PT.


NanoSurface Biomedical
Director of Sales & Marketing: Heejoon Choi, 800-913-4403 x702