Effepharm Announced Acquisitions and New R&D Center Establishment

SHANGHAI--()--Effepharm is thrilled to announce that they acquired two bio-pharmaceutical companies recently, named Dendrimer Co. and Folvo Co., the acquisition has significantly enhanced its R&D capability in anti-aging and energy metabolism. Dr. Jianjun Yu and Dr. Jian Hu, together with their teams came from global leading pharmaceutical firms, joined Effepharm. The group of R&D professionals are dedicated to contribute their skills and talents to Effepharm.

Dr. Yu, former GSK scientist and now R&D Director of Effepharm, talked about how this corporation brings values to Effepharm, Dendrimer and Folvo. Effepharm is one of the major dietary ingredients manufacturers and distributors in China with customers mainly from US & EU etc. Meanwhile, Dendrimer and Folvo are two R&D laboratories. Dendrimer focuses pilot scale tests, which would optimise the manufacturing process of Effepharm. Folvo is a laboratory that focuses biological tests such as safety and functions of pharmaceutical ingredients.

The new R&D center will focus on new pharmaceutical and dietary ingredient development by means of plant extraction, fermentation and synthesis, etc. With strong pharmaceutical background, Effepharm will conduct tests on safety and efficacy. A series of tests on UtheverTM- Effepharm’s featured NMN had been conducted, including not only animal tests but also clinical trials.

Furthermore, Effepharm will bolster its R&D resources by building a new R&D center in the G60 science and innovation corridor in Shanghai, and they are very proud that this project is initiated and invited by the Hongqiao Entrepreneurs Park and Sijing Government of Shanghai.

The new laboratory is expected to open in Mar 2020 with more than 1400 square meters and a total investment of over 5 million USD. Besides facilitating new instruments and equipments, the R&D center will include 2 conference rooms, which will be used for training the customers as well as general public. Dr. Hu said, “the new center will not only serve as an R&D laboratory but also a place to promote scientific knowledge on dietary supplements. The new Effepharm will be a market-oriented but R&D-driven innovative company.”

With the rapid development of society and the economy, people are expected to have a longer lifespan. People want to live longer but look young and stay healthy at the same time. Effepharm welcomes the fresh R&D talents, aiming at becoming a leading company in anti-aging, or healthy-aging industry.


Amy Sheng