Shapermint Teams up With Denise Bidot, Carmen Carrera and Others to Change the Perception of Shapewear in New Nationwide Campaign

The Shapewear Marketplace, a Cast of 7 Influential Women and The Harmon Brothers Set Out to Tackle Unrealistic Beauty Expectations and Pressure to Constantly Love Their Bodies, in New Omni-Channel Campaign

NEW YORK--()--Shapermint, the world’s largest shapewear marketplace, today announces its nationwide campaign “Feel Like the Masterpiece You Are.” Through its new campaign, Shapermint addresses the pressure women feel to constantly love their bodies as they work to achieve ultimate body-confidence.

The campaign is a public extension of an important dialogue among some of Shapermint’s 2.5 million customers: After decades of pressure to meet unrealistic body expectations, many women look to shapewear to navigate—and embrace—a new and more positive outlook that doesn’t always come naturally: unconditional body-love.

Shapermint’s campaign features a tongue-in-cheek video, produced by Harmon Brothers—the agency behind viral videos for Squatty Potty, Poo Pourri and Purple. The video and other campaign components were released on paid and organic social media, digital channels, and Shapermint’s own web and email channels. An influencer campaign will create additional awareness and drive traffic to a dedicated campaign landing page.

The video features the goddess of love and beauty herself, Venus de Milo, delivering a sassy monologue about how unrealistic expectations of female beauty came to be. With the help of some of her friends, including the Mona Lisa, Narcissus and a group of tourists at the Louvre, Shapermint’s Venus offers her take on unrealistic body standards and women’s ever-changing bodies.

The campaign concept was inspired by feedback from the thousands of Shapermint customers who have shared the key life moments when they need an extra boost of confidence: following childbirth, in response to medically-induced weight gain, in advance of a wedding or big event, at work, and as they hit common milestones in their body’s evolution.

Shapermint worked to extend the body-positive concept through a series of photographs that capture seven “everyday goddesses” as they navigate common domestic situations. Shapermint’s goddesses were carefully selected to reflect a diverse range of females and experiences.

All seven influential figures will take part in promotion of the campaign after its release:

  • Denise Bidot is an internationally known curve model of Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti descent, who broke barriers as the first plus-size model to walk multiple runways during New York Fashion Week in 2014.
  • Carmen Carrera is a transgender television personality, fashion muse and confident woman, who began transitioning from male to female shortly after making her TV debut on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • Jess Quinn is a model, activist and writer from New Zealand who lost her leg to cancer at age 9. She’s now dedicated to showing others that adversity is simply an obstacle, not a roadblock.
  • Jenny Rieu is a content creator who dedicated her life to inspiring women around the world to feel good about themselves after watching her body gradually change and become curvier due to medical reasons years ago.
  • Ali Chanel is a former pre-school teacher turned plus-size model, and mother.
  • Kaelani Amari is a model and actress focused on self-love, confidence and bravery and hopes to inspire other girls out there like herself.
  • Andrea Thomas is a published model, a writer and an advocate for people living with vitiligo. She’s the co-founder of Honey Hues Collective on instagram and promotes women-of-color-owned businesses.

After decades of pressure to meet unrealistic body expectations, many women are now trying to unlearn past influences on their self-confidence and embrace a new era of self-love,” said Stephanie Biscomb, Head of Brand at Shapermint . “Our goal is to reshape the conversation around shapewear by letting women know it’s OK to wear it and helping them not feel ashamed or like they’re betraying womankind for wearing it.”

The campaign will continue into January 2020, in hopes of inspiring a new wave of body-confident New Year’s resolutions.

About Shapermint

Shapermint is a shapewear marketplace that carries top-rated shorts, bras, leggings and other garments from notable brands, including Empetua and truekind. Launched in 2018, the company has grown from 0 to 2.5 million customers in under two years due in large part to its proactive role in tackling unrealistic beauty expectations. Through its thoughtfully curated products, community involvement and philanthropic efforts, Shapermint is addressing the pressure women feel to constantly love their bodies as they work to achieve ultimate body-confidence.


Press Contact:
Kieran Powell


Press Contact:
Kieran Powell